What it is ONLY SUNDAY???

July 31, 2011

So I meant for this blog to be about all the pretty things I would like to covet and all the adventures of decorating and designing our new home but  half the time I am stuck on what to write then someone once told me "you should think about focusing  your blog on the design of your LIFE!!" I remember loving that idea because I was still technically sticking to my original blog idea. So here goes a post about me...

I would like to dedicate this post to my past week. Last Friday July 22 2011, we found out that our beloved Beagle: Snoopy (I know very original) has cancer. My husband was with Snoopy at the vet when our vet broke the news to him. They had given Snoopy an ultrasound that day because we thought that he had some time of obstruction that was causing him pain and a loss of appetite. Little did we know that they would find masses in his stomach, spleen, left kidney and in his lymph nodes. The vet told John that it seemed unlikely that Snoops would make it the weekend and  maybe we should discuss putting him down the following day. John asked for the weekend to say goodbye and left the vet with Snoops and enough pain medication to last the weekend.
I remember waiting for John and Snoops to return and thinking it was taking forever.... The moment John and Snoops pulled in the drive I knew that something was wrong. I took one look and Johnny's face and knew that our time with Snoops wasn't long.

I can't tell you how long I cried for while sitting on the floor hugging Snoops. I thought about all our moments together, picking him up from the SPCA on Vancouver Island, all of our snuggles on the couch, buying him numerous toys to play with and then finally realizing all he wanted were snuggles, walks and food. I also thought about how during my entire pregnancy how in tune he was with my moods. He was the only one that could make me feel comfortable when sleeping, I know that sounds crazy but it is true he somehow was always able to find the right spot on my back to snuggle up to, to stop the aches of pregnancy.

I have to say that entire weekend was one of the toughest and saddest I have ever experienced. Snoops and I snuggled every free moment I had that weekend. John , Snoops and I even sat on the couch and watched Marley and Me... can't say that was the best choice but it was nice just to be sitting on the couch with our Snoops. As Sunday rolled around Snoops wasn't getting any better he hadn't eaten anything in almost 8 days and the only water he was getting was by me feeding it to him through a syringe.  We finally had come to terms that we would have to say goodbye to Snoops on Monday....

Well Snoops apparently had a different idea, by 4pm Sunday afternoon he was trying to eat the cats' dinner and drinking water out of his own bowl again, he was going up and down stairs and at dinner he was eating and begging for anything he could get his hands on. Johnny and I were trying to remain calm and not get our hopes  up.

Well Monday has come and gone and it is officially 1 week since Snoop's diagnoses. We have Snoopy on quite a few herbal remedies for lymphoma and on a chemo drug and we have switch his diet to an all natural diet. He is also on pain medication as well as an anti nausea drug.

I am so thankful that we have Snoops with us today and hopefully for quite a few more days and maybe weeks but I have to say it is quite hard everyday watching him so intently and giving him his medications and hoping that he will eat his food. I get so worked up when he refuses to swallow his meds or he won't eat, that I have to give myself a time out. I think Jamie has picked up on my stress and he is now waking up in the middle of the night refusing to go back to sleep in his own bed. So now I am stressed about our snoops and sleep deprived from our son.. LOL of course that's the way.

Even as I am writing this  our Super Snoops is in bed snuggling with Jamie making sure to protect him from all the bedtime monsters. Looking at them together reminds me that  instead of stressing on the day, I should just take the time to enjoy these moments together because as I learned last week time with a loved one  is absolutely precious and you should never take it for granted.


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