August 25, 2011

I am so excited for this weekend!
Its gonna be MOMMIES gone WIILLLLDDDD! Oh and not to mention its MY BIRTHDAY! Yes I still get ridiculously excited about my birthdays, even more so now because I get to enjoy a day just being me. Not a wife or a mommy (I love being both these things) but Aubrey the Fabulous!! 

I always think that my life hasn't changed that much since I have become a Stay At Home Mom but that would be an absolute delusion. I try to have conversations with girlfriends while commanding Jamie to stop doing this, don't hit snoopy, stop plugging things into sockets and then the visit is over and I am left thinking, I will have to call her later so we can catch up. (but then you have to squeeze in the phone call between nap time, mealtime and bedtime.) So imagine my excitement at the thought of going away for a night with 5 of my girlfriends. The thought of uninterrupted conversation is making me giddy not to mention getting all glamified!!


Wishing everyone a Fabulous Weekend !



  1. Hi Aubrey! Thanks so much for the follow! I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one who feels this way too! Good luck on your blog as well! I'll be sure to follow you too!

  2. Happy birthday! (Love the pink sparkly, btw.)

  3. happy birthday weekend!!!! make sure you enjoy it all!



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