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October 6, 2011

A few weeks back I wrote a post about getting back into shape. You can read about it HERE. In that post I wrote about getting ready to train for the CIBC 5KM Run for The Cure and wanting to lose my toddler weight.

I have to say the last 7 weeks have been amazing and depressing, a true roller coaster ride. Thinking back I really wish I had documented everyday with a post. It is incredible to think how many successes and setbacks have occurred in only 7 weeks..

To help with the weight loss I also joined Weight Watchers (I know I should be true to Jenny) and I have been going to meetings for the last 3 weeks. This is where most of my frustrations have taken place.

If you are not familiar with WW here is a basic run down. Every food  item is worth a certain points value and each person has a points limit that they cannot exceed if they wish to lose weight (that is the simplest form of explanation I can give) If you wish to learn more about Weight Watchers click HERE

You see I am so use to being on Jenny and losing 2 pounds a week by just following the preplanned menus  and eating the packaged Jenny Food. That I apparently cannot enjoy the freedom of Weight Watchers and create healthy meals for myself. I keep within my points limit which is 29 points a day but I have to admit I am using my points unwisely. So because of my poor choices I have lost the all of .5lbs in 3 weeks..... I am not giving up on WW  just sharing my frustrations
1) with myself for not making healthier choices and
2) realizing that I am LAZY and would prefer prepackaged meals

Any WW tips would be greatly appreciated!


The training for the run has been awesome. I can't believe just 7 weeks ago I was barely able to run for a minute.. to being able to run 7mins/walk 1 min for 42 mins.
 I have been able to get out with my running partner twice a week and have since added a third run during the week. I can honestly say I LOVE TO RUN!

 Well Guess what?? After 7 weeks of training my amazing running partner Selena and I completed the CIBC run in 36mins!!

 It was such an incredible feeling to cross that finish line. Not only did we beat our best time by 4 mins, we also were able to run for an amazing cause. Next up is a 10km in November!!

PS I have started a new blog which will document my daily success and struggles in finding ME

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  1. I enjoy your blog!! Stopping by from FNF Blog Hop. I am a new follower via GFC!! Would love for you to stop by my blog and follow if you'd like!! :)

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