December 19, 2011

Happy Monday
Only 6 more sleeps until CHRISTMAS!
I just wanted to share our home with all of you. This Christmas Season is very exciting for us! It is our first one in our home. Our tree is ridonkculous but we LOVE it and now I can't imagine anything but a 9 foot tree in this space. Anyhoo here are some pictures of our house.

This first set of pictures is our family room/ dining room. As many of you know I have issues with this fireplace and one day it will be gone.... but I have to admit it adds a very cozy feeling to the holiday season.

I found this ornament holder at Ikea and absolutely adore it, I think after the season I am going to uses it to display jewellery.

I tried a new way of displaying our Christmas cards this year.

This next room is our TV/Family/Jamie's playroom
I love decorating with blue and green at Christmas.
 I have many more pieces but had to hold back this year, we ran out of surface space!

 Places holiday baubles in a vase is a great way to add a little something something to a space.
 I just bought this beautiful creature from Superstore, I think he needs a friend.
Beautiful ornament from one of my BESTIES

This ornament is the best one in the house!!! It is Jamie's first handmade one. He is so proud of it, he brings everyone who is visiting over to it and says "WOOOOWWWWW, nice" I love it and look forward to seeing it every year. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Your house is so festive, I can't wait to see it in person. LOVE all the little baubles :)

  2. Beautifully decorated Aubrey! Have a wonderful Christmas!



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