It actually IS easy being GREEN

February 10, 2012

I am thinking about trying to be a little greener.... I'm not sure if it is because I am getting older and possibly a little less lazy or because I am wanting a cleaner environment for my lil man but I am definitely feeling like I need to up my part in creating a greener environment (too mother earthy??)

Anyhoo I was reading this fabulous POST from the Blog Mini Manor created by the ever inspiring Ashli and it confirmed that going a little Greener would be a great idea and a fairly easy one!

Now at Casa M we make sure to bring reusable bags to the grocery store (I have so many now because if I forget to bring our bags I feel so guilty about using the plastic ones that I will buy another reusable one at the checkout) Oh and I was able to find reusable veggie/fruit mesh type bags from IGA. They came in a pack of 3 for a pretty great price. We also recycle but its pretty basic: cans, containers, newspapers, magazines and card board.


I know we can do better than that though. It is just going to take a little researching and time. Like where do all the old used up batteries go? According to a report by Environmental Canada, Canadians will throw away over 495 million batteries by 2010, all which could have been recycled. Inside landfills these batteries will leak into the soil and release heavy metals that may eventually make their way into water systems. This poses a health risk to local citizens  GROSS EH?
Well you can dispose of dead batteries at these locations in Greater Vancouver....

Vancouver Batteries: 2192 West Broadway
London Drugs: Most Locations
Leos Camera Supply: 1055 Granville Street
Mountain Co-Op Equipment: 130 West Broadway
WCS Recycling: 1493 Dominion Street
Ikea: Coquitlam and Richmond

for those of you not in the Greater Vancouver area you can always search you city's web page they usually have information of where to take everything to be safely disposed of or recycled.

Disposing of our batteries safely is the first environmental goal for Casa M.
What's your first step to a greener life going to be?
The next installment for a Greener Lifestyle at Casa M will be investing in a composter!! I am actually pretty stoked  about getting one.  I will need to do a little more research about composting  and then I will share it with all of you next week.


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