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July 29, 2013

Hello Loves,

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend.

Over the weekend and for the last few weeks I have been at a loss for what to do with my mess of hair.... it is in need of a chop STYLE.  Now that it is long I find that it just looks like a big frizzy mess...but I don't have any time or extra moola right now to make a visit to my absolutely amazing stylist YUKO. So instead  I hit up my blog list and Pinterest to find some long hair inspiration and EASY how to styles.

This is what I found ENJOY!!

1.  The Braided Crown- I actually tried this one this weekend and really liked the look of it. I think it would look so cute paired with a floral cotton Maxi dress.  Check out the How to Tutorial HERE

2. The Waterfall Braid- I have been wanting to covet this look forever. I love how whimsical this style is and so perfect for a summer party/Wedding. This style I would like to try accomplishing just once. Learn How to HERE

 3. The Perfect Beach Waves.. I would love to achieve this style on purpose not the 1 in every 100 days that I try. SO I found a tutorial to help me out you can find it HERE

4.  The Top Knot. I know this one looks somewhat so simple but I can never make my top knot look super cute and natural. It always looks so severe. So I am hoping that this How to will show my the way. Check it out HERE

And there you have it my Summer Hair Styles to accomplish by September!

Happy Monday!!!


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