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February 27, 2014

Hello Loves

I have a confession to make I have been feeling really overwhelmed by my blog ... I mean there are so many places that I want to take it, 101 topics and ideas I want to share with everyone but I just don't know where to start (I am surprised my head hasn't exploded, there are so many ideas bouncing around) ..

I want to share with all of you about getting back into shape,  Family,  Style, cooking ... pretty much Bella Lime BLOG POSTS = MY  LIFE

I am going  to start with a few of my incomplete posts first, by making them fulfilled... you see I seem to be famous for starting a project/challenge  in a post but never following through or completing the project or challenge ...

 Yup I am one of those  chiquitas  that get really excited about projects but then end up too scared  to complete them ... failing at something  scares the begeezes out of me.. most of the time I won't start something because I know believe I can't make it as perfect as I want it to be. My motto for this year is  my "best effort" will be PERFECT ... well perfect enough for me to complete my projects.

Obviously, I am going to post a home tour  ( a real one, not just a few rooms) and then slowly update it with all the AMAZING things we have done and are going to do around Casa M .. Here is a look at our home before we moved in

Check out this post  HERE... and now you have to patiently wait for me to take photos and post them..... I know the suspense is killing you

Then because of this post HERE I am going to share weekly my journey on getting in shape and getting myself into the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE  :-p....  I am zoo ready to rock this one..well today I am, lets see how I feel tomorrow.

Phew I am feeling NERVOUS and so thrilled to be posting again, Oh and my new tag line is ...what for it.........

"Living a Bella life with a twist of LIME" ....not to shabby right?

I hope you will all keep me company on this little journey of mine.

Happy Thursday Loves and thank you for stopping by.


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