Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really WANT?!

August 27, 2014

Hello Loves,

If you had all the money in the world, what would you want to do with your life?

Were you able to answer that question right away? Do you have a dream/goal that you are bursting at the seams to make happen?

Or are you like me, and when my super awesome friend Kelly of "Write Run Mum" asked me this at lunch the other day, I pretty much verbally exploded with 10 different answers:

  • I want to travel with the family and experience all the different lifestyles around this great planet of ours and document it. 
  • I want to wake up with a view of the ocean (it really doesn't matter which one)
  • I want to make something of "Bella Lime Blog" and "Bella Lime's Etsy Shoppe"
  • I want to start a ladies shopping swap and donate the admission fee to help others in need 
  • I want to join a philanthropist group who help women make their dreams come true
  • I want to open up a brick and mortar Bella Lime Shoppe in a beautiful heritage building (yes, it has to be a heritage building)
  • I want to design 1940/1950 style garments for women and girls (the most flattering eras in my opinion)
  • I want to design a line of cards (I really do have a good idea)
  • I think I want to be an event planner's assistant (yup, I would pay someone to let me help set up the decor for stunning events)

You get my drift. My answer went on and on, at one point Kelly said:

"You can do all of those things but try and focus on just one of these dreams and make it succeed." 

 The Fabulous K that made me focus and realize what I really want!

She is right! I am all over the map right now and am excited to succeed in so many things. But sometimes I overthink, get overwhelmed by all of my ideas, and then nothing happens. So I am going to dial it back and put all my effort into Bella Lime the Blog and Bella Lime the Shoppe right now.

 The great thing about this is, "I want to design 1940/1950 style garments and create a line of Cards" falls under this dream as well! WOO HOO! I love that I can focus on even more of my dreams.

In order to make these things happen, here is what I need to get done:

  • Start sharing on social media about Bella Lime Shoppe
  • Photograph and write blurbs for all items that are going to be listed in the Shoppe (this seems so daunting to me the perfectionist)
  • Sew fabulous garments to sell in the Shoppe
  • Set up a consistent look between the Blog, FB and Etsy
  • Blog about my creations (can you believe I still haven't done that?)
  • Get involved in Community events (this is where I could fit in my charity idea)
I believe that is a pretty good list to start with.

Thing is, I don't have all the money in the world, not even close. But that question that Kelly asked, made me think and ask myself:  'What DO I want to do with this life of mine?'

The best part is I will not need all the money in the world to make it happen but I may need a little. ..

Thankfully there are companies that want to give you a little or a lot in order to help you succeed with your dreams.
Kabbage IS one of those Companies!!

Kabbage  believes in the power of small business, making a difference, building 
a better solution and striving for excellence. They work hard to empower hundreds of thousands of 
businesses with the funds they need to grow!! 

Here is a little info about Kabbage from one of it's employees'

Kabbage provides working capital to online sellers to help their businesses grow, in the form of a cash advance. We currently support sellers on eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Shopify, and Etsy. You can sign up and create an account (It's free) and have cash in your Paypal account in less than 10 minutes, or you business checking account (via ACH) in 3-5 business days. 

Kabbage cash can be used for whatever you want/need to grow your business. We have seen people use it for purchasing inventory, advertising, hiring help, upgrading their equipment, and even using it to take a business class or attend a show. 

From what I have found Kabbage takes a look at your sales, treatment of customers, social media activity and shipping inventory to determine if they will lend and how much they will lend to a customer. It is not all about your credit score, thankfully! I will definitely be approaching Kabbage once Bella Lime Shoppe is up and running. You can learn more about applying for a SMALL Business Loan and this wonderful company by visiting Kabbage Your Small Business Loan Lender.

There are many finicial resources out there for entreprenuers to use. I will try and share others with you as I "FOCUS" on creating my Bella lime EMPIRE :)


Happy Hump Day Loves! Be sure to visit Bella Lime tomorrow.....


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