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October 17, 2014


Photo by the fabulous Alma Ito

Photo by the fabulous Alma Ito

Photo by the fabulous Alma Ito

I am finding a floppy hat is one of the MUST haves this Fall Season. 

You can pretty much add them to just about any outfit, they are the perfect accessory to complete your look. 

A floppy hat always makes me feel a little more chic. Like I should be hopping on a plane to Europe or heading to a cafe to meet my girlfriends for a little gossip sesh and then off to explore a bunch of trendy shops. SATC style!

OH how I wish that was where my floppy hat was taking me.

Here are a few looks that I am loving 
Source:With love from Kat
Source: Lauren Conrad

I am really feeling this hat for Fall. I am pretty sure it will be making an appearance a couple times a week... even if it is just for hanging out at home and walking the dogs. A girl has the right to feel stylish everyday,  right?

  This beauty is by Nine West and is available in brown and black at Winners!! 

Photo by the fabulous Alma Ito

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