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January 31, 2015

So a girlfriend of mine asked me in December what my goals were for 2015, project wise. She asked if there was any big home project that we wanted to finish at Casa M by the end of 2015. Well I thought to myself, what is it that we have been putting off and wanting to do around here,  nothing too major or time consuming. I truly am amazed how people with kids get stuff done. SERIOUSLY how do you do it?

So I came up with 2 projects that we will be finishing by the end of 2015

The first one is our "College Dorm" master bedroom! I am not kidding people, we are talking: a 42 inch flat screen on top of a highboy dresser with the cords streaming down the side of it, two cheap laundry baskets that my high school self would be proud of, over-flowing clutter, and clothes everywhere.

This is not my idea of a "Master Suite"  The pros of the room are: we finally obtained the Hemnes bedframe we have had on our MUST get list for the last 2 years... Thank you Bidding Wars!! The second is Mr. M was able to paint the room in "Decorators White" by Benjamin Moore.

The goal is to create a space that when entered, you immediately feel calm and relaxed.

Here are some pics of our Master bedroom inspiration!!! 
I am so excited to be working on this room FINALLY!!

These "Driftwood" colours are so soothing to me. I just wish the ocean came with them too. Oh to wake up to the sounds of the ocean hitting the shore.... but for now I will have to live with Miss E's sound lamby to create that ambiance.

The colour combo in this room is perfect- the white of the dresser combined with the rustic flooring and the sand walls with the stone coloured curtains is a perfect west coast colour palette!!


This bed makes me want to curl up inside it and have the best nap EVER!!!

For our room I will need to:  
  • source out a large mirror for above my dresser, 
  • sand my bedside table and decide if I should leave it neutral or paint it. 
  • remove the 42 inch TV 
  • create a focal point on the wall, possible family photos 
  • find a rug to ground the entire space
  • remove one of our dressers 
  • organize our closet creating the best storage solution

And their you have it loves our first Project at Casa M for 2015!!

I am excited to share our progress with you. What about you? What is it about your Master Bedroom that makes you feel at peace?

Happy weekend Loves!!


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