Date Night

July 24, 2015

Happy Friday Loves

I am so behind on my posts!

This one is from a few weeks ago but I need to share.

 The  hubby and I got to go on our first date in over a year!!

I have to say that at first I was a little annoyed that we weren't  going to see Pitch Perfect 2 because that's our thing...... we loved Pitch Perfect so obviously I thought "YAY, we get to go and see it!"

but Mr. M surprised me and told me we were going to a soccer game. I'm not gonna lie I pulled a bit of a pout fest because I really had no interest in seeing a soccer game.

Now this is where you guys are probably going to  roll your eyes and boo me a little bit because it wasn't just any soccer game it was a FIFA Woman's World Cup soccer game!!

Don't fear  I did change my tune as we were driving downtown I started to get excited and I realized this is a big deal.  We were going to a World Cup game!!! 

We got downtown and parked the car,  Mr M and I had a hankering for sushi ... now let me interject quickly into this post and share that it's been five years since Mr. M and I lived downtown.

  Do you think we could come up with a place to go????  For the first time I felt like a suburban mom  lost in the big city!!

but as we all know there are  sushi places everywhere downtown.  We settled on Sushi Library. I bet you can't guess where it is???  

 This place was amazing and the prices were really good too.
 so I'm just going to have to give a little shout out to Sushi Library and to their Agadashi bowl!!  it was absolutely DELISH!!

After the sushi we headed to BC Place to watch Japan versus Cameroon.

As we walked up to BC Place the atmosphere was incredible there were Cameroon fans playing steel drums, Japanese fans decked out in their jerseys; which by the way I loved them (navy with hot pink trim!! Hello gorgeous!)

 So after I tried finding  my own Japan or Cameroon jersey  we realize that the official FIFA stores only carried Canadian gear. I'm all for supporting our country but come on!!  It is the  "World" Cup!!! FIFA could've represented many other countries  at BC Place too!

So after no luck in finding a jersey we headed to our seats.   We were seated in the upper bowl behind one of the nets, a perfect view of the whole pitch! The game was very entertaining and  I have to say I was rooting for the underdogs Cameroon. I just wanted them to score one goal and finally in the last minute they did!!! Cameroon almost tied the game in the last 20 seconds but in the end Japan won.  I had an incredible date night and got to experience a once in a lifetime experience!!

It really was a great way to spend a summer date night!!!

Have a fabulous Friday loves!!


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