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September 4, 2016

Hellooo Lovelies,

I thought I would let you all know that I have started a new blog called "Finding Aubrey"! This is where I will be posting all the crazy everyday things that are going on in my bella life and all of the projects that we have going on at Casa M.

I am going to keep "Bella Lime" and  have it as my little shoppe's website. Bella lime is  where I will list my handmade items for sale and all of the exciting things Bella Lime Design is up to.

It was a hard decision to move on from Bella Lime and make it my business site. Bella Lime has been "ME" for 6 years. I am excited  share my journey in life at Finding Aubrey Blog  and to take "Bella Lime Design" to a whole new level!!!! LOL what is that even from???

Anyhoo,  thank you loves for all your kind words and for taking time to read Bella Lime.  There will be lots of Bella Lime Design  pretties coming up in the fall. Please make sure to check them out!!!

You can view my handmade pretties on Instagram @bellalime_design and on Facebook HERE

Chat soon,


February 3, 2016

Hellooo Lovelies,

am so glad you are here!! First of all let me share with you a little about me, My name is Aubrey M 

I started Bella Lime so I could share my love for interior design and inspire others to love their home by showing them how to add a little bit of themselves into theirs homes.

Slowly over time Bella Lime changed into more of a lifestyle blog...... I would write sporadically  about what was going on in my life, family, food and design. There was no consistency.   Lately I have been  doing some soul searching and trying to figure out what I would like to share and inspire you all with.

A little revamping of BELLA LIME you might say.  I want to give it a little more purpose ... a mission one might suggest.  I would like to inspire all of you lovelies,  share my creations, commiserate about parenting and all that we go through as stay at home moms, and my love for GOD!  Oh YES I would love to share my Faith with all of you too.

 I am not sure what it will look like but I am so excited to see what comes of it!!

Stay tuned!!!



November 7, 2015

It's that time of year again...

 That time when my parents head down south for some sunshine and relaxation... but before  I stuff my face with ice cream and chocolate because my mom has gone away for 5 months,  I wanted to share with you lovelies how we celebrated my mom before they headed out.

This year I hosted it at my house and made a feast with all the trimmings except for ice cream and chocolate because I will need those to drown my sorrows. We invited my mom and step dad's good friends to join us as well as my uncle. It was such a pleasure to have all these wonderful  people who I have known almost all my life together to celebrate my favourite person.

I found that even though my hubby, brother and I had to work our little butts off preparing for this get together it was so worth it. I loved sharing a meal with everyone and hearing all the different conversations and laughter.  I will definitely be opening my home up and having more gatherings perhaps more of a "potluck" style from now on.

The menu included:

Turkey roasted with a rub that included rosemary, salt,  pepper, garlic and  butter
Applewood smoked ham,
Nonni stuffing, with bacon, onion, celery and apples added
Sweet potatoes with a touch of syrup, garlic, salt and BUTTER
Mashed potatoes
and of course BIRTHDAY cake ( confetti Angel Food cake) YUM

My step dad doing the honours of carving the turkey
I am smiling here because the business of preparing the turkey is long behind me. I felt AWFUL pulling out that poor birds insides and neck. I kept apologizing to it as I was pulling each piece out. It gave new meaning to having your head up your butt...( sorry) but honestly what a terrible place to store everything!!!!  And don't even get me started on how awful it was to separate the skin on top of that poor bird and then stuff onions, bacon and apples into that space.
I feel like I need to apologize again to that Turkey. SSSOOOOORRRYYYY!
You were delicious though!
Lady of the day!! My amazing Mom

Check out the candles .. how cool is it that the flames are all sorts of pretty?!

Love you Mom

And now I am going to start making a dent into the chocolate....only 4 months and 1 week left to go...



Here are the pretty Angel Flames!!

Look Up Gorgeous

July 31, 2015


You know that awesome feeling in the morning after you have had the best sleep ever and then you open your eyes to your depressing boring white stucco ceiling and than that happy feeling leaves because of that depressing first sight… or is that just me? Lately I am noticing how boring and awful these stucco ceilings in our house are! To me the ceiling is like the bow on top of a beautifully wrapped present it can be nice and modern with clean lines, or maybe a few ribbons running neatly across, or some crazy curly cue ones and then of course there are the beautiful textured bows… Really there are so many options for gift toppers as are there for ceilings. Here is what I am loving right 
Via the Glamorous Housewife
Ornate tin ceiling tiles … Helloooo gorgeous!
This beautiful herringbone design ceiling takes my breath away. The mixture of tones in the wood and that beautiful pendant light are absolutely gorgeous!
I love the grandeur that a Coffered ceiling brings to a space. One day I will have one in my dining room.
I love the grandeur that a Coffered ceiling brings to a space. One day I will have one in my dining room.
3ee8918eb0b4e72e7e73267b56813823What do you think, would you top your space with a fabulous ceiling? 

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