October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween Loves!!!

I have to say I am so excited for this Halloween, this is lil J's second Halloween Trick o Treating!!
We have been practicing his knock and execution of "TRICK or TREAT" He has it down to an art form now. :)

I really had big plans for his costume this year…. I  really, really wanted to be THAT mom - you know the one… THAT MOM  you envy because she is such a ROCKSTAR that makes the AWESOME homemade costumes…..

So a few months back when I was feeling super ambitious (it must of been the hormones) I promised lil J I would make this

Totally AWESOME, right? 
Click HERE to get the instructions on the How To

But I totally dropped the ball on that one….but there is still hope for me, I figure I have at least 7 more Halloweens to become "THAT MOM"

Since Monday I have made a new promise:  that I would make this costume for him …for next year, 
I should probably start now. ..

So instead of being the ever FABULOUS Super Hero BATMAN Lil J is going to venture out as 

 (thank you Aunty Kate and Uncle Alex for the best Christmas Gift)

He is still pretty cute as a Fire Chief!!

Wishing Everyone a Safe and SPOOKY Halloween and to "THOSE MOMS" I am in awe and look forward to joining your CLUB!!


Hanging at the Pumpkin Patch

October 28, 2013

Hello Lovelies

My computer is finally FIXED!!!!

Yes my MAC Air succumbed to that dreaded WHITE SCREEN of Death. After trying some at home remedies with no luck I finally broke down and went to the Apple store and guess what.... after a few minutes of searching my computer they were able to  fix it and the best part was they did it for FREE.

Sadly though I lost all my photos ...... lesson learned I must back everything up.

Now firstly I would like to wish all my fellow CANADIANS  a Happy Thanksgiving,

I know it's a little late.

We have been keeping busy around here enjoying the beautiful fall weather and organizing the house for baby's arrival.

We visited Laity Pumpkin Patch this past week with little man's pre school class.

If you haven't been out to Laity it is a great place to visit. They have farm animals, a corn maze,  vegetable garden, an enchanted forest and  tractor rides! Not to mention some FABULOUS pumpkins! You can check out their website HERE

 Checking out the Farm Animals

Having fun with the wooden animals

ARRHHHHGGGG!!! Loving the enchanted forest

Finishing the corn maze all by himself...

Picking his pumpkin to bring home... we had to put this one back Lil man felt it was too heavy

If you are in the Maple Ridge area I highly recommend visiting Laity Pumpkin Patch it is a great way to spend an Autumn day.
Happy Monday!


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