December 31, 2011

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Healthy 2012!
Be safe and have fun tonight!


December 19, 2011

Happy Monday
Only 6 more sleeps until CHRISTMAS!
I just wanted to share our home with all of you. This Christmas Season is very exciting for us! It is our first one in our home. Our tree is ridonkculous but we LOVE it and now I can't imagine anything but a 9 foot tree in this space. Anyhoo here are some pictures of our house.

This first set of pictures is our family room/ dining room. As many of you know I have issues with this fireplace and one day it will be gone.... but I have to admit it adds a very cozy feeling to the holiday season.

I found this ornament holder at Ikea and absolutely adore it, I think after the season I am going to uses it to display jewellery.

I tried a new way of displaying our Christmas cards this year.

This next room is our TV/Family/Jamie's playroom
I love decorating with blue and green at Christmas.
 I have many more pieces but had to hold back this year, we ran out of surface space!

 Places holiday baubles in a vase is a great way to add a little something something to a space.
 I just bought this beautiful creature from Superstore, I think he needs a friend.
Beautiful ornament from one of my BESTIES

This ornament is the best one in the house!!! It is Jamie's first handmade one. He is so proud of it, he brings everyone who is visiting over to it and says "WOOOOWWWWW, nice" I love it and look forward to seeing it every year. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

The Gift of Giving

December 15, 2011

Christmas really is about the GIFT of giving... today is the first day that I didn't feel stressed about what Christmas gifts to get for family and friends, all the family commitments we have to attend or about all the baking I should probably be doing instead of avoiding.

Nope today I felt happy and excited about Christmas and I think it is because I finally understand what it is about. Today I sat down and went through all the mail we get from the various charities asking for donations. I usually don't even look at them because we already have a few that we donate to monthly. But this year I made an effort to hold on to them in hopes of  setting new Christmas Traditions!

I am happy to say that I took the time and sat down on the computer and donated to each charity that send us a request and truly felt the GIFT of giving and it felt AMAZING, like I was actually doing something to help.

I would love for our family to start volunteering with some of these organizations but we will need to wait until Jameson is a little older.

Here are a few Charity's that are located in the lower mainland that could use some gifts of giving!!

Union Gospel Mission

United Way

Share Familly Services

Happy Gift Giving!!!


It's Starting To Feel Alot LIke CHRISTMAS

December 7, 2011

It's been busy busy around CASA M. This weekend I participated in a Jingle Bell Jog with some girlfriends. It was a great way to start off the Christmas season.

We picked up our Christmas Tree on Monday from  Alouette Tree Farm. It is a U-CUT tree farm.
Although we picked from the front of the lot where all the trees were already cut.....shhh don't tell.
Oh and we practically paid 50% less for our tree than what we had been paying in previous years buying from a  tree lot downtown. INSANE

Searching for the perfect tree

Anyhoo I have to say our tree is a BEAUTY!  A HUMONGOUS beauty.

Johnny- not to sure if the tree is going to stay standing

Lil man checking out the tree

I think we may have to buy some more lights and decorations. What do you think???  :)

I finally finished writing our Christmas cards..... I need someone to help me set up an excel sheet so I can just print up labels for everyones address... my hand is killing me  :)

Hope everyone is having a FAB week


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