The Sweetest Hours

May 18, 2012

My Favorite part of the day is late afternoon, Those sweet hours from 3pm until 6pm.

When I was a teenager it meant that school was done for the day and I could go home and nap until dinner time...or it meant cheer practice was going to start (I know surprise surprise I was a cheerleader in school! "GO EAGLES"

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In my 20's it meant that I was finished work for the day (gotta love breakfast diners! Do De Dutch!) and I could head home for a nap

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but in my 30's it means PLAY TIME!! You see late afternoon is when my lil man wakes up from his nap and calls "MAMA" I open the door to his room and receive the biggest smile ever and a sleepy snuggle! On rainy days we snuggle on the couch and watch "Thomas the tank engine" or sit at his train table and put together his puzzles. On sunny days we get to head out to the back yard with are 2 beagle smeagles and sometimes our escape artist of a cat. Lil man drives around in his car with his paints loaded up in the trunk (don't ask. I believe it is a phase) while I watch and wonder "when did he get so big? and then before I get all weepy with "where is the time going?"  I get coaxed into pushing his car around while he "DRIVES" and before we know it ... its dinner time and then bed time the best part is I get to do it all over again tomorrow.... 

Happy FRIDAY!!!!



May 17, 2012

I thought today would be the day that I shared our house with you. Now remember it is not even remotely up to snuff but I thought it would be a good idea to have a "BEFORE" post since I am so lazy about recording our houses progress and want to be able to share all our work once it is done and breaking down the process will be the best format for my procrastinating self.
 So here goes.... We will kick it off with the first floor.... ohhh wait wait wait.... I should give a little description of our house. Everyone calls it a "West coast Home" (I wish it looked like something Miss Kelly Deck designed)  my hubby calls it "western style" but it's definitley not that. Although there are quite a few cowboys in my family. Bet you didn't know that little Aubrey fun fact!

Anyhoo the floor plan is very open with a high sloping cedar ceiling in the sitting room cornered with a river-rock framed fireplace. I know people love the whole natural look but seriously it needs to go! We have a 13x6 loft that over looks the sitting room. There is a TV room, Kitchen, laundry room and bathroom on this floor as well. So here are the pics

Here is our TV room, Our goal is to place the ever so popular barn doors on the entrance to the TV room keeping all the lovely noise from hubby and lil man contained in that room! Also this is the ever talked about orange wall that I will be PAINTING. you can read about the plan HERE. I went and bought all the supplies today to do it. Hopefully I will get to share it with you next week.

We also need to figure out a proper storage solution for all of Jamie's toys and  our "media stuff" (I know pretty fancy term) We had the buffet housing all that stuff before but it wasn't quite the look I was going for. My goal for this room is to give off a lakeside/ cottage vibe. Weathered white furniture, lots of blue glass  accents mixed with a hint of red (like the colour of old canoes) in the pillows and artwork.

Below is pretty much exactly the colour scheme I am thinking of.... man do I love Pinterest!
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Now the sitting room/ toy room/ dinning room / / / This room frustrates me to the tenth degree. Nothing works for me in here. I think it is because I want this room to be so many things. I  mean when people come over we literally stand in this room because it is so uncomfortable and awkward. Right now we have Lil man's train table , our dinning table , a couch and a chair in this room and nothing feels right. I want to knock down the fireplace which would give me so much more room to work with but that won't be happening anytime soon. We need new pieces for this room or some awesome suggestions. Please leave a comment below with any pointers you may have for this room!

And now my favorite room our kitchen..... I think the only work in here with be some painting

The tissue ball has been up since lil mans b-day party in January I don't have the heart to take it down it was my first attempt at making a tissue ball and I am still wanting to show it off...

oh and I can not leave out our laundry room....... now when we  bought this place the spec sheet said the laundry room was 8x7.....
Now remember you only get to look at the house twice before you move in. First time is obviously when you go to check out the house, second time is usually the home inspection and then the next time is when you move in.....well our move in date was almost 3 months after our home inspection so all I had to go on was the spec sheet.. except their realtor used the spec sheet from before meaning it didn't reflect that they switched the powder room and laundry room Now I do have an amazing downstairs FULL bathroom but a closet of a laundry room. Anyhoo long story even longer I was so excited for my laundry room when we moved in I had big plans for a big room... I don't know if I blocked out the size of this room or if I thought it was small but thought I was wrong because the spec sheet said 8x7

Anyways this is the laundry room

but don't worry I still have a lovely design plan for my laundry room.
First up- we are going to switch the door so it will either open outwards or we will turn it into a pocket door. Next we will place the washer and dryer side by side with a counter top across them for my folding section. We will take out the "vanity" light fixture on the wall and find an electrician and get them to install an overhead socket for which ever "petite" chandelier I choose and lastly we will place wall mounted cabinets above the machines for storage.....I think it is going to be AMAZING
And lastly our front door...... ya this is all going.
 I have plans for a storage bench or a re purposed dresser for this space with a "few" hooks for jackets. I don't think we need all 19 of them....just saying.
So there you have it, our First Floor "Before" Post!

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Wordless Wednesday

May 9, 2012

We did it

I can now tick off "Run a Full Half Marathon" from my to do list for the year!!!!!

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!



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