Tribute To Broadway

April 10, 2011

I bet you thought this post was going to be about NYC! Alas this post is a tribute to our first family home! The home where we brought all our crazy animals 2 cats, a dog and eventually our lil monster!! I love this home, I love all 3 flights of stairs (although not so much when I was preggers and I had to waddle up all those stairs all 42 of them!), our beautiful rooftop deck especially when we were able to put a wadding pool up there!!
I just wanted to take a moment and thank our beautiful home for seeing us through the first few years of our family!! Here's to YOU my sweet #28!!

We are going to miss you!!



Te Quiero Mi Amore

April 4, 2011

On April 5th 2008 I had the honour of marrying my Crazy, Grumpy, Make Me Laugh with just a look,
one of a kind Prince Charming!!!

I can't believe we are celebrating 3 years of MARRIAGE!
Only 37 more years to go and then we can re-evaluate.

On a much serious note as in the words of Tom Cruise "You complete me" Did that sound believable??
Baby thank you for letting me be me, for constantly being my cheerleader, for always listening to my 1001 ideas and actually commenting on them instead of the usual MMMMHMMM and for always, always picking up the slack and trekking on when I just want to give up and walk away!!!( I mean situations not my man) :o)

 I Love you through and through!!!


Dress me up Girly

April 3, 2011

So ever since we put our place on the market I have been creating a "Wish List" file and yesterday I brought it out to share with John to see if we were in agreement with the list.
As we were going through the pictures I noticed there were alot of "Dressing room/ Girly closet photos". I honestly didn't realize until yesterday that I really wanted my own girly space..... so I am hoping since John gets the loft as his office that I could possibly use the spare bedroom... (at least for awhile) as my own personal GIRLY Dressing room ... could you imagine??? 


I love how the colours of the clothes POP against the dark walls
SATC's Carrie's closet




Domino Magazine
I HEART HEART Kelly Wearstler and her Fabulous designs!
Kelly Wearstler
Stay turned .... for a Girly Dressing room update.....



April 1, 2011

cinque terre- Monterosso

So instead of packing I have been day dreaming about places I would rather be, and today I have chosen The Cinque Terre!  I was very lucky to visit the Cinque Terre on my Honeymoon and I am dying to go back!!! Don't you think it would be a great way to celebrate 3 years of being married??

 Maybe for the Tenth??? (right Baby???)

Happy Friday!!


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