Enticing Etsy

October 27, 2011

I am in LOVE........ with ETSY!
I think this site is amazing.
You are able to find everything &  anything your heart desires!
 And this week my heart goes beep beep for

Gemini Studio
This print because who doesn't love beagles and it also looks like my Snoop a loop the most regal Beagle of ALL

Sarah & Bendrix

Oh Dier
This NEEDS to be in my entry way

Mojo Spa Style
I just plain WANT this

Quality Covers
Practical and PRETTY

Flutter Flutter
I Love the uniqueness of this JU JU Hat. I will be placing one in my home in the near future

If you haven`t had a chance to check out ETSY.....DO SO HERE 
But make sure you have a couple of hours,,,,,,,,,,, it is addictive



From Lighting Up A Room To Making One Shine

October 20, 2011

Look at these beauties that I purchased from a second hand shop

 It was a sweet deal  for the pair of them and they will be a perfect fit for our family room
(which is a constant work in progress for me)

The only lighting we had in the family room was this lovely track lighting

So right now these lamps look like this in the room

Which is working for now but I would like to make these lamps POP!!!
I found some gorgeous shades on Etsy

and then I thought to myself " I can totally make my own shades...right??? I have some fabulous fabric by Dwell that would be perfect

Now I just need to decide which one to choose, all recommendations are welcome
 and then I was thinking of a sleeker shade style. Perhaps a longer cylinder with nice and simple lines. We will have to see what I can find.

I will keep you posted on their progress!!


Happy Thanksgiving

October 9, 2011

 Wishing everyone and their Families a warm and yummy THANKSGIVING!!


Checking In

October 6, 2011

A few weeks back I wrote a post about getting back into shape. You can read about it HERE. In that post I wrote about getting ready to train for the CIBC 5KM Run for The Cure and wanting to lose my toddler weight.

I have to say the last 7 weeks have been amazing and depressing, a true roller coaster ride. Thinking back I really wish I had documented everyday with a post. It is incredible to think how many successes and setbacks have occurred in only 7 weeks..

To help with the weight loss I also joined Weight Watchers (I know I should be true to Jenny) and I have been going to meetings for the last 3 weeks. This is where most of my frustrations have taken place.

If you are not familiar with WW here is a basic run down. Every food  item is worth a certain points value and each person has a points limit that they cannot exceed if they wish to lose weight (that is the simplest form of explanation I can give) If you wish to learn more about Weight Watchers click HERE

You see I am so use to being on Jenny and losing 2 pounds a week by just following the preplanned menus  and eating the packaged Jenny Food. That I apparently cannot enjoy the freedom of Weight Watchers and create healthy meals for myself. I keep within my points limit which is 29 points a day but I have to admit I am using my points unwisely. So because of my poor choices I have lost the all of .5lbs in 3 weeks..... I am not giving up on WW  just sharing my frustrations
1) with myself for not making healthier choices and
2) realizing that I am LAZY and would prefer prepackaged meals

Any WW tips would be greatly appreciated!


The training for the run has been awesome. I can't believe just 7 weeks ago I was barely able to run for a minute.. to being able to run 7mins/walk 1 min for 42 mins.
 I have been able to get out with my running partner twice a week and have since added a third run during the week. I can honestly say I LOVE TO RUN!

 Well Guess what?? After 7 weeks of training my amazing running partner Selena and I completed the CIBC run in 36mins!!

 It was such an incredible feeling to cross that finish line. Not only did we beat our best time by 4 mins, we also were able to run for an amazing cause. Next up is a 10km in November!!

PS I have started a new blog which will document my daily success and struggles in finding ME

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