August 25, 2011

I am so excited for this weekend!
Its gonna be MOMMIES gone WIILLLLDDDD! Oh and not to mention its MY BIRTHDAY! Yes I still get ridiculously excited about my birthdays, even more so now because I get to enjoy a day just being me. Not a wife or a mommy (I love being both these things) but Aubrey the Fabulous!! 

I always think that my life hasn't changed that much since I have become a Stay At Home Mom but that would be an absolute delusion. I try to have conversations with girlfriends while commanding Jamie to stop doing this, don't hit snoopy, stop plugging things into sockets and then the visit is over and I am left thinking, I will have to call her later so we can catch up. (but then you have to squeeze in the phone call between nap time, mealtime and bedtime.) So imagine my excitement at the thought of going away for a night with 5 of my girlfriends. The thought of uninterrupted conversation is making me giddy not to mention getting all glamified!!


Wishing everyone a Fabulous Weekend !


Its in the Clothes

August 23, 2011

Today is a big day... I have decided it is time to get in shape and lose my toddler weight! I can't even call it pregnancy weight anymore considering Jamie is on his way to becoming 2.

Here I am on Day 1 of taking back my body

Weight has always been an issue for me since high school. I turned 18 and then BAM 20 pounds seemed to have magically appeared on me over the summer. And so began my struggle with weight.
I have tried quite a few weight loss trends. I have been most successful in reaching my weight loss goals by following Jenny Craig.  I even became a consultant. I loved supporting people with their weight loss goals. I knew exactly where they were coming from and what their struggles were (most of the time) but the thing with me was once I stopped eating the Jenny Craig food and tried to follow the plan on my own, I would always end up back where I started. I love food, any excuse to eat something delicious and I am there!

3 days after finding out I was pregnant

Can you imagine my fear when I found out I was pregnant.  I put a plan in action thinking I could control how much weight I gained during pregnancy. My goal was to gain between 20 and 30 pounds well lets just double that number and maybe add 5 more pounds! UGGHH I hope someone out there can relate! Otherwise I am doomed.

I lost 30 pounds in the first month after giving birth! I felt great, like losing the rest of the weight  was going to be a breeze. I mean come on, everyone says "Breast Feeding is the best weight loss plan"
I was thinking this is going to be so easy, I am going to hit my pre-pregnancy weight in no time, I may even dare, do I dream to say it,  hit my WEDDING DAY weight before my son turns one! SWEET... except in my case.

 and have absolutely nothing in your closet to wear but pregnancy clothes! Double UGGHH!!

So lets tally up the numbers (and I know it should not be a 'number thing' but a 'how you feel thing') I need to lose a glorious 40 pounds

So today August 23rd 2011 is the day I take back my body,  I will reach my goal, I will be wearing my  birthday outfit next year. The same Birthday Outfit I have tried to squeeze into with no luck for the last 3 years, I will enjoy looking at pictures of myself again (yes I was a little vain once upon a time but seriously I was photogenic).

The first item on my weight loss agenda is to run the entire CIBC 5km run for the Cure. I believe in this cause and I feel 5km is a great goal to set and achieve in 5ish weeks. I will make sure to keep you all updated on my journey to reaching my goal . Words of encouragement and advice are always welcome!!


Thanks for stopping by

I DO!!

August 22, 2011

I just read about a great blog hop on  Mommy of a Monster who I found through one of my favorite blogs Bits Of Bee.  The challenge was to post about your favourite Wedding Photo, what a FABULOUS idea! Now to pick the photos because I don't think I will be able to pick just one.

First up: I love this one because I am so excited and hiding because Johnny and I ended up arriving at the Church at exactly the same moment. (this is my attempt at hiding)

next up: I love this one because it it is us just enjoying the moment

This is my fav fav because who doesn't love a Congo Line

It was fun going through all the photos and taking a trip down memory lane. That was such an awesome day, filled with LOVE, LAUGHTER AND A Lil Something, Something!


The Forever Job

August 21, 2011

"I would like to quit my job!" These are the words I stated to my hubby when he got home the other day. He looked at me smiled and said "too bad, this job is forever!" UGGG!! I wanted to shout.

You see I am a stay at home Mommy to a 19 month  beautiful boy/monster, and also to our 2 crazy cats and our Beagle Snoopy who is on too many medications to name. I absolutely cherish my time with my son and our animals and  I am very lucky that my husband is able to support us. But  let me tell you some days I am so envious of my husband and my mommy friends that get to head off to work.  The clothes, the conversations, even the commute I yearn for on occasion but of course the MONEY is what I miss most!!!

I miss having my own money and not having to think twice when I am purchasing something I want and not necessarily need. My hubby is awesome and has never ever complained about my spending but there is definitely something to be said about earning your own money.

  The thing I realized is I do have a full time job that I work very hard at and enjoy immensely
(most of the time). 
So the lesson I finally learned this week is
My job is just as important and valued as everyone else's and being a Stay at home Mommy is a real money earning job!

Thanks for reading!

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