The "Art" of buying Art Online

May 15, 2014

Hellooo Loves

Can you believe it 3 posts in one week!!!

So today I wanted to talk about art.

My brain or I should say my eyes are on overload from all the online options to purchase art. There are soooo MANY talented artists out there.

Currently I have been scouring the web for fantastical pieces of art for Baby E and Lil J's rooms.

Now we all know Etsy is pretty fantastic  but I found a few new sites.. wanna hear about them? Of course you do...

For Miss E I am in search of something whimsical and pretty, I know not exactly going out of the idea box for a little girl but that's what I am wanting for her room... I am seeing PINK!

I found this beautiful piece by Sara Riches on Pinterest ... Pretty Gorgeous right?

"Take Me Away" by Sara Riches

So I clicked on this fabulous Picture on Pinterest and it lead me to this site called Saatchi Art... Have you guys heard of this site?
 (or am I the only one living under a rock over here)

There are soo many pieces of beautiful creative EYE CANDY on this site and if you can't afford the original, a print of a piece can sell for $40... can you say affordable?

You can search everything from collages to video. Once I started pursuing the site I found there is even an inspired by section and if you an artist you can post your work on the site and they even have an artist showdown check it out HERE. I love that they have a "Showdown"  Can you tell I am happy that I found this site

Here is what the company is all about in their words.. 


Continuing the Saatchi Gallery’s legacy of promoting new, contemporary talent and bringing great art to a wide audience, Saatchi Art offers an unparalleled selection of paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography in a range of prices, and it provides artists from around the world with an expertly curated environment in which to exhibit and sell their work.
Based in Los Angeles, Saatchi Art is redefining the experience of buying and selling art by making it easy, convenient and welcoming for both collectors and artists.

For lil J I am thinking planes, heavy machinery, cars you know boy stuff

I found this piece on the site 20x200... another fabulous online art site.

Balsa Planes #3 by Paul Madonna

It is exactly what I have been looking for... This is part of a series and I have to say I would love to get Lil J all of them for his room and maybe create a paper plane bunting to go up as well... I am seeing a theme here but I think he might miss his cars

20x200 is a site I have been in love with for awhile I am mean their motto is "It's Art for Everyone" . I think this tidbit from their "About Us" section really sums up this site and company:

We're as meticulous with our $24 prints as we are with our $10,000 pieces, lavishing attention on the details every step of the way. (And believe us, there are a lot of steps!) Thoughtful, well-researched information and documentation accompany every print we ship. Our email announcements about new releases are well-researched, opinionated, entertaining, and often irreverent. We take art seriously, but we're certainly not stuffy about it! 

Oh and how could I forget there is also the gallery here at Casa M!
We mostly curate Lil J's masterpieces.

I have to say I love that lil J is such an artist... and I love that he wants to show off his work.

Here is a great article about kids and art: The Importance of Art in Child Development

Alright there you go now you are more informed on the "Art" of online art shops! You are welcome!! I am excited to share Baby E and Lil J's rooms with their fancy new art pieces once they arrive!!!

Happy Thursday Loves!! One more sleep and it is FRIDAY


pillow upgrade

May 13, 2014

If you know me well or have been shopping with me you know I am a sucker for a fabulous throw pillow (or fabric to make one... I love me some pretty fabric!!)

I absolutely  LOVE LOVE LOVE how a pillow   can change up an entire rooms feeling and look. I really am a firm believer in starting with a neutral pallet when decorating a room ... I think it is because I am ALWAYS wanting to change up our living spaces. So for me keeping our walls and furniture pretty neutral  helps. That way all I have to do is switch out our throw pillows, curtains and change up a few accents and TAA DAAAA a whole new room and the hubby loves it because it is cost effective!

Now don't get me wrong I love a good wall paper and that one piece of upholstered furniture (its always one piece) in super FAB fabric  and  I mean we do have an ORANGE and white striped wall....but for OUR living room and Kitchen I like the option of switching things up.

Right now I am wanting to add a little more FABULOUSNESS to our living room.... as I type this our living room is very much in the blues and brown...BLAHS and I was thinking of adding a little of this

 or this

Can you believe these GORGEOUS pillows are from Chapters?!!!
you can find them HERE

and maybe these

and then make our room look like this!!!

pillow upgrade

Pretty Pretty right?? and all I did was spend hours a little time on Polyvore creating this room.  I tried to match our current furniture and lighting to the ones on Polyvore .. I think I did alright with the  likeness 

It really is amazing how by changing a few throw pillows, the rug, adding a plant and a different art piece  can totally transform a room. And the best part is:

it is AFFORDABLE  to re CREATE your living spaces. 

oh oh AND if you are one of those crafty creatives you could sew up your own pillows and create your own art!

Thanks so much for Stopping by LOVES

Happy Hump Day!!

(still don't know how to hide all this other stuff from polyvore and re tag the photos with the links, instead of having ALL the links below)
pillow upgrade by missmarshall77 featuring an extendable dining table

White wall lamp

Plum Bow woven rug

Eiffel tower wall art

Flower throw pillow
$64 -

Heal s purple home decor
$68 -

Round bowl

Extendable dining table

Black leather couch


May 12, 2014

Hello Loves,

I can't believe my last post was in March... I know I say this every time but time is flying by so fast for us this year.

I was really hoping to get back into blogging and when I say back into it I mean at least a post a month.. My goal was to have a journal of this year.. making sure to record all of  Casa M's experiences I mean seriously there is a whole other being in this household and she is PRETTY darn adorable but alas it is really hard to find time to just sit!!!

But I really want to sit and I want to redo Bella Lime's DO (layout). I am just feeling blah about posting the second I log on. I mean its  the colours or lack of, the post layout,  pretty much  EVERYTHING to do with the layout.

I also want to add a little pretty to my posts and the Bella Lime Shoppe to the blog as well. Soooo I am thinking about trying out another platform.... suggestions please!!!!

I do have a new tag line though.... I don't know if you all noticed ... ready for it??.... its genius..

Here Goes

Bella Lime: Living a BELLA life with a twist of LIME... (huh huh nudge nudge .. pretty awesome right?) and if you don't think so - don't tell me!! I am a little emotional lately. I am really wanting to create this new Bella Lime vision that is STUCK in my head and really needs to get out there to blog land.

This Picture from Pinterest (of course) is just one of the many photos that I have added to my Blog Layout Inspiration.

This Fabulousness was found at Saffron Avenue you Must CLICK HERE and check it out

It's like getting a new pretty note book ... once you have one you want to fill it because looking at it makes you happy... or is that just me? I need a new pretty Bella Lime so I will want to write on it...
And yes I would like a new note book too!

Now don't think this whole post is a total whine fest, I also wanted to share some pretty awesome posts I have seen around the Blog O Sphere

Check out the Deets HERE

This "Awesome" series by the super fabulous Allison of the blog "The Allison Show"
Gallery No. Eight's post about BLOGPODIUM... I really really really want to GO, I mean REALLY
This FABULOUSNESS of a couch (SO JEALOUS) in "The Yellow Brick Home"
Learned a lot about Camera lenses and Photography from THIS POST by Mandi Johnson for the blog A Beautiful Mess (excited me so much I signed up for a local photography class)
Oh and Miss E needs THESE by the Uber talented Carmen from Carmen West Creative

Thanks for hearing me out Loves!!!


PS: I hope everyone had a lovely Mothers Day weekend! Mine was filled with beautiful pieces of art and a scrump didily umptious  breakfast  made by Mr. M and then of course a rush to get ready for church and then a wonderful afternoon with family in the sunshine.

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