November 19, 2013

Hello Loves!!

Time is going by so fast with pregnancy number two. I know people told me it was going to be so different: you are busy with number one and just life in general. ** to As with a first pregnancy where you can spent every moment remembering you are pregnant.

He is so Ridiculous!! Love this little man so MUCH

I remember when I was preggo with lil man and everyday was a new discovery ... lungs are developing, all his senses were being tested, what size he was this week- but this one I am only reminded when she gives my a little "what up mommy? whats going on out there? talk to me.!!"

One reason I can not forget that I am preggo is that lil man is acting a bit like a jealous sibling already.  The child that was so excited to have a baby on the way is making us start to think he's going to bit more of challenge than we thought.... is he getting jealous already or is this his way of adapting and getting ready for the big change in our family.

Lately lil J is all about Mommy- for example lil man will sneak into our room in the middle of the night with his teddy bears and stand in front of Mr.M and wake him by plainly stating "Daddy can you go to my bed, now I want to sleep with mommy". If hubby refuses or pretends to keep sleeping, it becomes a bit of a standoff as he has been able to keep this up for 30mins and then will break into sobs.  I admit that because it is easier at 3 in the morning for hubs to leave and head to lil man's room than to try and wait him out or put him back into his room (he just keeps coming back). So sadly it has been more than a month since Mr. M has had a restful sleep in his own bed... Although considering he works nights and shift work, I think secretly he doesn't mind having his own bed to catch up on some sleep.

On another occasion  I was leaving for a lunch date this  and lil man tried every move in the book to stop me from going out. Hiding my purse, blocking the door, sobbing, screaming, blocking me. It was such odd behavior because Mr M was home and usually lil J loves Daddy time. Needless to say I made my escape and thought "ok, he will calm down once he can't see me anymore and he has Daddy to himself"- boy was I wrong. 45mins into lunch I noticed I had three missed calls from Mr. M which is strange because we usually don't call one another during me time, and hubs certainly isn't one for calling me for anything unless it's urgent.  So I called him back and guess what? Lil man was still sobbing and trying to escape out the front door to go and find mommy.. not gonna lie, it was heartbreaking to see how upset he was. It must of been a tough go because Mr. M is pretty much super Dad and can handle anything. We even managed to Facetime so that he could see and talk to me, but it didn't work as he only wanted me there in person.
So long story short, I finished up my lunch date a little quicker than I was intending to and headed home. Getting home I found my lil man tuckered out and still having a little cry for mommy on daddy's shoulder....

I am sure this is not something new and lots of parents with preschoolers expecting a baby sibling must go through this... I would love any helpful hints on how to help lil J adjust to his new sibling .. right now our game plan is for Mr. M and Lil J to have lots of FUN Daddy son time and hopefully that will ease lil man into being able to not have Mommy accessible to him 100% of the time. So far the men of the family have been going out on excursions together such as errands, walks in the neighbourhood, and quiet time at home.

Thanks for letting me share LOVES!!


Cocktail wedding

November 8, 2013

Its Friday Loves!!!!

What does everyone have planned for the weekend? Over here at Casa M we are going to get on Christmas Craft on!

Sooo A few weeks ago my lovely step sister tied the knot..(It was a Beautiful Cocktail Wedding.)

The Theme was "Mad Men". I am dying to share some pics with you but my iPhone pics do not do it justice so I am going to ask my Lovely sis if I can post some of her professional pics once they are ready.

Anyhoo long story longer...

If I was not 8 months preggo at the wedding I would of loved to be wearing this ensemble down below...

How GORGEOUS is that dress? I love the touch of whimsy that the clutch and shoes give this classic outfit and who doesn't went shimmery gold nails to celebrate a wedding

Cocktail wedding

Party dress
$1,045 -

Jimmy Choo strappy sandals

Juicy Couture earrings

London Road diamond jewelry
$885 -

Crabtree Evelyn nail polish

What do you think,  would you wear this to a "Cocktail Wedding"? 

Have a fabulous weekend loves!


Around The Blog- O -Sphere

November 7, 2013

Hello Loves,

How is every one's week going? Today I thought I would share with all of you some inspiring, yummy, interesting and pretty posts I have been reading on some of my favourite Blogs!!

I am looking forward to making this RECIPE  with my Family... YUM

This POST and this ONE  re-motivated me as a blogger

How fabulous is this Company's IDEA?

I need THESE for Baby E's room.. GORGEOUS

Love this Holiday INSPIRATION

There you have it my little trip around the Blog-O-Sphere this week.
Make sure to check out all these Fabulous Posts. I think you will enjoy them!

Here are the Lovely Blogs that inspired me this week

Happy Thursday Loves!!


Sunday Funday!!

November 6, 2013

Morning Loves,

I had a fabulous post for you on Monday but yet again my Mac crashed  (something to do with a faulty hard drive)

We are (apparently) all good again and Apple has assured me that this should most likely not happen again :-/

So here is the post I had intended for Monday with a few things missing...

On  Sunday we  threw a lovely lunch for my mom's 65th birthday. We invited a few of her good friends and my fabulous Grandma to come and celebrate my mom.
Here is the menu we served to everyone

( I kept everything light because it was a lunch we were having)

Cream Cheese with Red Pepper Jelly on top served with rice crackers... So GOOD
Veggies served with a Hummus Dip

Green salad with mandarin slices served with a red onion dressing
Crab and Cream Cheese Quiche 


BIRTHDAY CAKE - Angel food cake

Not one to toot my own horn but seriously TOOT TOOT!! 

I created this Photo Back Drop for a photo session for my mom and her friends ......

It was so easy all you need is string,  a stapler and crepe paper rolls. I made the Celebrate sign in the summer for my nieces birthday and it worked perfectly with the back drop. I think I have a thing for turquoise, fuchsia, and lime green right now.

Here are some pics of my presents to my mom and the table setting... Yes everything is Matchy Matchy.... That's how I roll sometimes.
Check out this Pom Pom Present topper I made from crepe paper and ribbon you can make them too. You can learn how at Oh Happy Day click  HERE

Anyhoo the photo shoot was amazing, we were able to get everyone in party hats and every shot turned out  fabulously!

Now here comes the heartbreaking part... I lost all the photos when my Mac crashed.... for some reason my photo stream/iCloud only copied the first half of the party but not the photo shoot and of course I for some reason deleted the photos from my photo card once I downloaded them to my computer..... I am trying to not be super bummed about this whole thing...

The positive outlook on this is that I am GRATEFUL  that we were able to throw  my mom a party with her friends and family and that everyone had a wonderful time filled with lots of love and laughs... oh and of course the Delicious food!!

Here are some photos that did survive the "Crash"

Happy Hump Day Loves!!


Cozy Casuals

November 1, 2013

Happy Friday Loves!!!

I hope everyone had a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!! I can't believe it's November and that the weather around here is perfect for this preggo mamma: Sunny AND Cold!
Love it !
Even when I am not pregnant I love this weather, and the clothes that go with it.

Honestly, I would be happy to live in this weather all year round, I think it is the most stylish season- sweaters, skinny jeans/tights and boots, and let's not forget the piece de resistance.. a scarf which I believe completes any outfit!!

So imagine my joy once I figured out I could post my Polyvore ensembles to BLOGGER!!!!! I am so excited to share with all of you my collections!! They make it so easy!

Here is the Cozy Casual outfit I would love to wear this weekend:

A classic striped sweater paired with jeans and a fabulous pair of Frye boots accompanied by a gold cuff and classic knot earrings. I am in love, not to mention I think this look would look pretty cute on a little baby bump! What do you think Loves?

Cozy Casuals

Blue jeans
$4.70 -

Frye boots

Stella Dot black purse

Gold jewelry

Stella Dot cuff bracelet

FOREVER 21 Classic Knit Infinity Scarf

Wishing everyone a delightful weekend!



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