Tis The Season at Casa M

December 18, 2012

Hello Loves,

How is Christmas only a week away?? EEEEKKKKK Lots to do still but I wanted to share with all of you lovelies all the festiveness that is going on at Casa M!!!

This year I chose to "deck the halls" with a more natural look than I have in the past.

I added luscious pine boughs for their incredible smell and gorgeous green colour,  willow branches decorated with handmade decorations and my favourite accent to Christmas the PINE CONE (love these little guys for the character they bring)

I have also incorporated quite a few candles into our Christmas decor I feel that candle light always gives the most enchanting feeling at Christmas time.

May I introduce you to "Snowflake" the house elf

 I even managed to make a REAL Christmas wreath!!!!! Can you believe it? ....

I used a wire wreath form, pine branches and florist wire. Can you tell I am proud of it? I usually make a swag every year for the door but this year I thought I would give a wreath a shot.
TA DAAA here is my wreath!!!!

Lil man and I even managed to DIY some snow globes- you can learn how to make your own HERE

Here is a little treat I found on Pinterest.... Simply find a sweet vessel... possibly a bowl, flowerpot, teacup or vase fill it with sand or dirt and place a Pine-tree branch firmly inside. Finish off by adding a few ornaments . I also place some tealights around this ensemble and it looks lovely at night all light up!

And there you have it... The halls are all Decked out at Casa M!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



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