Dressing Up Miss E

June 19, 2014

Helloo Loves,

Miss E is 6 months!!!

Can you believe it?

Now as many times as everyone said that I would LOVVVEEE dressing up my little girl.
I was like  but I had so much fun dressing lil J up I am sure it will be equal fun dressing up Miss E.

 I had no idea how obsessed with clothes I would be regarding our lil Miss E..  Seriously there are soooo many adorable outfits out there for little girls.  TOOOO MANY

Here are some pieces I am jonesing to own for lil Miss E

How freaking adorable are these pieces.. I mean seriously the Kawaii Cloud T shirt paired with the super stylish Triangle leggings by Vonbon is  adorbs and don't even get me started on Minimoc's Robin's Egg moccasins.. I would love to have every colour for Miss E!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Redfish Dress for E.. the fabric that these beautiful pieces are made from is  GORGEOUS.  I first fell in Love with Redfish when our niece was born 6 years ago. I had to get her one!!!

Now the really awesome part of these pieces is that 1-4  are made or designed in CANADA!!! pretty fabulous right?

 starting from TOP LEFT
1. Kids Kawaii cloud T shirt by Whistle Flute
2, Robin's Egg baby Moccasins by Minimoc
3. Blush Triangle Leggings by Von Bon Apparel
4. Party Dress Violet Pop Flower by Redfish Kids
5. Tassel Top by Baby Gap

I have an entire Pinterest board full of outfits for Miss E...  you can check them out HERE

Have a super stylish Thursday Loves!!


Crystalline is the new Orange...

June 17, 2014

Hello Loves,

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!! Over here at Casa M we have been busy!! Mr M has been on vacation for the last little while which has been DIVINE for this stay at home MAMA.

Last week I decided to do a little wowing around here.. you know like
"WOW why did we not do this sooner?"

I decided one night after the babes were in bed that I did not like our stripped orange and cream wall any more ...and it had to change LIKE NOW.

Thank you  Lovely Orange- you brought warmth to our house but now it is time for you to GO!!

Soo I brought out the paint supplies from the workshop and pursued through our many cans of paint and decided on "Crystalline" by Benjamin Moore ( same as Miss Es bedroom colour) I love this colour, it gives every space we have used it in a fresh and airy feeling. This paint colour is turning dark house into a bright and airy space that I love being in. We have now used it in Miss E's room the hallway to the backyard and now the stripped

So at 9pm I started taping up the wall to paint the new stripes... Oh and I was able to fix my OOPS from the first time we painted the stripes.. chica chica yay!!!

 Now here is the best part because I am a TERRIBLE edger I mean TERRIBLE people.. soooo Mr M not wanting me to ruin the framing on the entry to the NEW PLAYROOM (chat about that in another post) quickly joined me in the painting and by 11pm we were all done!!!

I have too tell you I am always surprised with the dramatic change paint brings to a space. I am in LOVE with the new wall and of course the first words out of my mouth were
 "WOW, why did we not do this sooner?"

I wish I could show you the entire wall but not gonna happen just yet.. ... we are working on a little swap-a-roo but if you look to the left you can see the hallway that we painted with Crystalline as well.

Can you believe the difference a little paint can make to a space?  I am starting to feel like our house is finally coming together and  it feels AWESOME!!



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