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July 29, 2013

Hello Loves,

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend.

Over the weekend and for the last few weeks I have been at a loss for what to do with my mess of hair.... it is in need of a chop STYLE.  Now that it is long I find that it just looks like a big frizzy mess...but I don't have any time or extra moola right now to make a visit to my absolutely amazing stylist YUKO. So instead  I hit up my blog list and Pinterest to find some long hair inspiration and EASY how to styles.

This is what I found ENJOY!!

1.  The Braided Crown- I actually tried this one this weekend and really liked the look of it. I think it would look so cute paired with a floral cotton Maxi dress.  Check out the How to Tutorial HERE

2. The Waterfall Braid- I have been wanting to covet this look forever. I love how whimsical this style is and so perfect for a summer party/Wedding. This style I would like to try accomplishing just once. Learn How to HERE

 3. The Perfect Beach Waves.. I would love to achieve this style on purpose not the 1 in every 100 days that I try. SO I found a tutorial to help me out you can find it HERE

4.  The Top Knot. I know this one looks somewhat so simple but I can never make my top knot look super cute and natural. It always looks so severe. So I am hoping that this How to will show my the way. Check it out HERE

And there you have it my Summer Hair Styles to accomplish by September!

Happy Monday!!!


Summer Reading

July 24, 2013

Happy Wednesday LOVES,

There is something about Summer that makes me want to read... I think it is all that time in High School and my 20s when all my GF's and I would hit the beach and work on our tans while reading books and gossiping.  I would finish books in 2 days well the good ones anyways.


Now that I am a mommy the summers have been filled with water parks, playdates, and road trips but somehow this summer I have been able to fit time in to start reading again and I am loving it!!!! So to honour this Summer season here is my Summer Reading List for 2013!!


 I LOVE The MIndy Project and it's star Miss Mindy Kaling!  So imagine my excitement when she wrote a book sharing a glimpse into her life. I can't wait to read this one.


The 3rd instalment to Lauren Conrad's series "The Fame Game" Follows a group of 20 somethings and their lives staring in a reality show.  This one is on my birthday list. I am really impressed with LC's writing.

This one sounds like my life in 2006 and I can't wait to read it
  Girls in White Dresses tells the story of three women grappling with heartbreak and career change, family pressure and new love-all while suffering through an endless round of weddings and bridal showers.


This book and it's sassy author have been getting so much press that I just HAVE to read it to see what all the HOOPLA is about.  I love this lady's tweets and if this book is anything like them I feel this book is going to be HILARIOUS and will speak the truth.


Chapters Indigo states:
Then Came You is a hilarious, tender, and timely tale that explores themes of class and entitlement, surrogacy and charity, the rights of a parent and the measure of a mother. 

I remember my first Jennifer Weiner was "Little Earthquakes" I couldn't put that book down. It made me cry, laugh at loud and even angry at some points. It was amazing how she was able to connect with me through her words.  SO OF COURSE I had to have
a Jennifer Weiner book on the to read list for this Summer!!


My Summer List would not be complete without a Design book... I love the blog Young House Love... If you haven't checked it out you must! Sherry and John Petersik are Amazing at turning a house into a beautiful HOME.

Looking forward to my summer reading list and hope some of you will be adding this titles to your list too. I would love to hear your suggestions for Summer Reading the more books the better.


Mommy VS Preschooler

July 23, 2013

I think my 3 year old is trying to break me.....

What is the deal with 3 year olds and pushing their boundaries. It has been a long 6 days (I know that's not very long) we have had many time outs, lots of stern talking that slowly turns into REALLY LOUD stern talking and a few tears... mostly mine.

I mean my child actually smiles at me while I am trying to discipline him like he is mocking me... I am trying not to take it personally... I mean he is 3 right???  But oh man I am constantly reminding myself that I am the adult and not a child too and that I need to handle all situations calmly until I can find a quiet space where I can yell and stomp my feet in frustration. It is times like these that I am in awe of my parents and want to call my mom up on the phone and ask is this "PAY BACK or I am soooo SORRY".

My Mom was visiting us this weekend when alot of the " I am not listening" behavior took place. During a time out I looked at my mom and asked "what is the deal?"
My mom said "weeellll you do have a lot of patience with him.... I didn't have time to give you guys 3 chances it was listen to me the first time or deal with the consequence..."

In other words stop being lazy and stop your child's misbehaviour right away.  Thank you MOM!!

So guess how yesterday went..
 we had 3 time outs that were given right when the misbehaviour started at dinner  but dinner was finally eaten while sitting at the table properly (that is a WIN) and today we only had 2 time outs and all in all I have to say it was a good day.

LOVE him to bits

Parenting is a tough job and sometimes we all need to ask for help, its OK if things are not going perfectly because I can pretty much guarantee that another parent is going through the same thing. So remember to ask for help because someone else might have a little tip that will ease your day!


Goodbye FEAR Hello Monday!

July 22, 2013

 Hello My Loves
Holy Smoly its been a long time since my last post...

I have to say I have been going through a very much poor me, I have no passion to do anything, why bother because all my ideas suck and I will fail if I try 3 month slump, but I am slowly making my way out of it. It really is a terrible feeling when all the things you thought you loved and were interested  in seem to be no more.

I guess I have to say that the past 3 months have been a learning experience for me...... (tune in the pensive music) I have done alot of thinking, brainstorming, journal writing and self help reading ...

Some serious soul searching to figure out what my deal was....  I mean who loses their interest in all things they were passionate about???

So here goes this is the nitty gritty soul searching, answer I discovered....
Are you ready for the big realization I had?

(why do we think this of ourselves)
because my ideas do not suck and I should know better 

Yes it took me 3 months of riding the "poor me train" to realize this 

But now I am back and super excited about making my dreams come true and knowing that I have fabulous ideas and deserve to succeed because I am willing to do the work, to ASK for HELP and not let fear of failure keep me down!!!  ( Now I need a  little "eye of the tiger" playing in the background) 

So my first asking for help from peers so I can achieve my DREAM  question is:
Can someone help me set up an Etsy Boutique and the Paypal account that goes with it? I know it is supposes to be really easy but I seem to be having issues.

Its so good to be back!! Wishing you all a very happy Monday!



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