Skoah LO LO... I think I am in L O V E

December 3, 2014

My goal for this year and hopefully future years that follow is to take better care of myself. And when I say take care of myself I mean mentally, physically and spiritually. I want to live an all-around balanced life.

SKIN...  that's what I want to talk about with you today loves...

I have neglected my skin immensely ... I seem to neglect it until it is dehydrated, dull looking and saggy... yes you read that right S-A-G-G-Y. There seems to be a lack of elasticity in certain places... sorry a little bit of TMI?  Well too bad my dears, I feel you needed a visual and I bet you can relate.
Sadly, with two young ones I rarely have time to get to look myself in the mirror, let alone actually do something for myself. Well things are a changing!!

So now I am making sure to take a few minutes a day to take care of me...

I think I found part of the larger solution for this SKIN debacle.......

FACIALS!!!   I was recently treated to a facial at the fabulous SKOAH LO LO...

Skoah is a Vancouver, BC based skin care company. 
Their tag line says it all  "Personal training for your skin"

Skoah's products are incredible and I absolutely love that they are a local company!  I am also impressed that they now have locations all over BC, Alberta, Washington and Massachusetts!!

Have you been to Skoah loves? If not, you need to go there... like now! Call and book yourself an appointment. I am serious loves! Do it and make sure to make it a standing monthly one!

Here is the number:
Skoah Lo Lo (Lo Lo is the super fabulous area of Lower Lonsdale on the North Shore)

The moment you walk though the door of Skoah LO LO you feel the weight of your outside world responsibilities leave your shoulders. You breathe in the calm and start to stand a little taller. I believe it's a combination of the beautiful space, the sweetest staff ever, and knowing that the next little while is going to be all about YOU and that your skin will look and feel glorious!!

The wonderful thing about facials is that they fit into your lifestyle. For the person who has an afternoon or for someone on the go, facials range from 25 mins to 75 mins. If you are someone who only has 30 mins to spare than  book yourself in for one of Skoah's  Target sessions- you have 4 options to choose from and the price of $45 is perfect.

 check out the Target sessions HERE

I truly believe that we all have time to make ourselves a priority, be it a few minutes or a few hours!!

Once you are led to your treatment room (oh make sure to have a quick visit to the loo before hand, the last thing you want to disturb your tranquility is thinking how badly you need to go pee!)  Okay so after the loo you slip into the cozy and heated treatment beds that are dressed with the fluffiest of blankets. Once you are snuggled in, make sure to let your hair down... because the facial starts off with a head to décolletage massage which is AHHHMAAZZIINNGG!!

Check out this little treat that is waiting for you on your pillow-

I was treated to the "Power" facial:

In under an hour, you'll enjoy muscle melting massage while powerful masks get your skin in shape. This full facial also includes extra attention to your peepers and pout - great for smoothing out your signs of wisdom.

Now I wish I could go into all the delightful techniques and products that were used, but I was too busy enjoying every moment. During the facial my skin was analyzed and to my amazement, there was no skin damage to my face.  (Way to go make-up with SPF!!) There were some dry patches on the apple of my cheeks and my forehead. A few extractions were made, but I knew that was coming.

My after facial GLOWAH from SKOAH!!!

Once my "Power Facial" was finished I was left alone to enjoy the last little bit of me time and get dressed. ... but it was really hard leaving that cozy bed.  I finally stepped out and made my way to the front, where I was offered a skin hydrator drink by my Skin Trainer, and she was able recommend Skoah products that would work best for my skin type.

After this experience and seeing how my skin looked and felt for the entire week following, I am a believer that we need to have monthly facials- Our skin deserves it!!

I must share that SKOAH also has a make up line called Chiiki Munki (how adorbs is that?) I totally recommended their Super Gloss. It comes in a array of colours and they have some incredible hand and foot lotions. The Kollection called "Fresh Love" smells DIVINE.

And there is MORE... you are able to have your eyebrows and upper lip beautified!!

SKOAH LO LO is truly the place to visit for all your beautifying and skin training needs!!!

Happy Wellness Wednesday Loves!!!


Friday I'm in Love

October 17, 2014


Photo by the fabulous Alma Ito

Photo by the fabulous Alma Ito

Photo by the fabulous Alma Ito

I am finding a floppy hat is one of the MUST haves this Fall Season. 

You can pretty much add them to just about any outfit, they are the perfect accessory to complete your look. 

A floppy hat always makes me feel a little more chic. Like I should be hopping on a plane to Europe or heading to a cafe to meet my girlfriends for a little gossip sesh and then off to explore a bunch of trendy shops. SATC style!

OH how I wish that was where my floppy hat was taking me.

Here are a few looks that I am loving 
Source:With love from Kat
Source: Lauren Conrad

I am really feeling this hat for Fall. I am pretty sure it will be making an appearance a couple times a week... even if it is just for hanging out at home and walking the dogs. A girl has the right to feel stylish everyday,  right?

  This beauty is by Nine West and is available in brown and black at Winners!! 

Photo by the fabulous Alma Ito

Leading Moms 2014

October 16, 2014

#Inspire #Women helping women 
#Be an advocate for yourself #Fearless fitness 
#selflove #Dare to suck #embrace 

This is what Leading Moms is all about.

Last month I had the privilege and honor of being a blog ambassador for Leading Moms: Inspirational talks by Extraordinary Moms. And let me tell you they were extraordinary!

These women showed me that you can pretty much do anything as long as you try and put your best effort forward. You can change the world.

Saying my eyes were opened by this years Leading Moms would be an UNDER statement I was BLOWN away with what these extraordinary moms were achieving and doing with their lives.

Andrea Thomas Hill is one of those extraordinary women who decided that she needed to make a change in our society by helping single moms with resources to help raise their children- with the foundation Cause we Care. Andrea Thomas Hill is someone I am going to strive to be like! She sees something that is not right in society, and does her utmost to right the situation.  So many of us may talk about others "sad situations" but very few of us "DO" anything. I want to help make a difference and I thank Andrea for making me aware that we all have it in us to make a difference.

Keri Anne Livingstone Dared us to suck.. to ask for what we want, to try the one thing we really wanted to try, even if we were going to be bad at it.

One of the women I was surprised to find I wanted to hear more from was Marnie Goldenberg: The Sexplainer. I have to be honest with you, I really had no desire to hear what she had to say. I didn't want to hear about teaching pre-schoolers about sex, but once she started talking... It was about teaching our children about their body parts, and to have a positive open discussion about their bodies.  I found I wanted to hear more from her. Everything she had to say made complete sense to me.

Another big lesson was from Tamara Taggart. Tamara reminded us that we need to be an advocate for ourselves because no one else will. Most of the time we as moms, are busy taking care of and making sure our loved ones are looked after. Sadly we forget to take care of ourselves, and find ourselves run-down and overwhelmed. We need to take time for ourselves and make sure we are healthy and happy  as well.

Leading Moms filled me up. I feel like I can move mountains and look fabulous while doing it! I am excited to take on the day and bring myself closer to living my dreams. I can make a difference... and so can you.

And as Comfort Ero reminded us in her opening remarks, share stories with your children,  empower them ,and be creative with them.


Vairdy Photography was the official photographer at Leading Moms

Truly Madly Plaid

September 22, 2014

Fall is officially here Loves!!

I am thrilled it has finally arrived because that means it is time to break out the cozy sweaters, boots. leggings and this season hot look PLAID!! (oh and the BAILEY"S of course)

Source-Promise Tangeman

Plaid truly is one of the best patterns for FALL in my opinion. Seeing this pattern always reminds me of when I was a little girl heading off to elementary school, excited to show off my new tights and wool Plaid kilt with the fancy pin in it. Am I the only one who thought that they seemed to only last through 2 wears?

This season Plaid is out in full force!

If you are just wanting to add a little bit of plaid to an outfit, the best way would be to add a scarf, headband, or shoes in your favourite PLAID print.  Or you could also try a plaid shirt under a solid colour sweater (I love that look!).  If you are feeling BOLD,  you can bust out in a beautiful plaid jacket, pants or dress. Your options for including this fabulous pattern into your wardrobe are
Source- Bright, Bold and Beautiful

I am really digging the combo of Plaid and Leopard print !! 



Source- Seams for a desire

Source-Who what Wear

This fall loves I am truly mad for Plaid!!


PSSST: If you are looking to add plaid to your wardrobe but don't want to break the bank - check out these GORG pieces below!!

Check In

September 15, 2014

Alright loves it is time to do the month in review. So let's see what I was able to cross off on my August list!

August Goals

  • read something fiction and nonfiction everyday  Read The Vintage dress and parts of Blog inc
  • spend time with HIM each day ( managed to do this for 2 weeks
  • get moving every week.  Run, Spin, Yoga and try this thing they call TRX woo hoo was able to get moving every week- still haven't tried TRX
  • have a pedicure. These tootsies are crying out for some attention  Pretty tootsies
  • bake an ombre cake... I really really want to try this 

  • organize playroom for E and J... once the last coat of creme fraiche goes up
  • Call Big Brothers Canada for a donation pickup
  • sort through closets for Big Brothers pickup
  • finish painting playroom- Yes, we still need to finishing painting the playroom.
  • recover outdoor furniture
  • hang chandelier/ redesign chandelier
  • add some foliage
  • paint the deck
  • hand rails for the stairs
  • clean up the bodega 
  • when bodega is cleaned up create an uber awesome office/craft room for BELLA LIME
Mr. M did a fabulous job putting in the handrails, don't you think? I was able to style the deck but sadly recovering the furniture wasn't in the budget this year. I shopped around  Casa M for accessories and decor that we were not using at the moment.  I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Check it out! We have HANDRAILS and they are lovely.
Lantern from the bookcase and jars from the buffet

pillows from the tv room and office come together nicely to create a stylish look

  • take pictures of pretties for Shoppe  Did this but didn't like any of them REDO
  • Send out Thank you cards for E's Baptism
  • Create the BL design Lino Print cards... Practice transferring the Lino Print
  • Launch Etsy shoppe
  • bunting and curtains for playroom
  • sew 10 pretty things
One of my Bella Lime Design Aprons

FUN in the SUN
  • take Lil J to a spray park/playground once a week
  • Hit up the Races
  • go to the beach and build a sandcastle with a moat 
  • have a tea party
  • experience an outdoor movie with the family
  • GLAMPING- we are not campers but feel lil J would love it and this Mama needs it to be a little glamorous 
I can't believe nothing on that FUN in the SUN list happened.. we were so busy with day camps and hanging out at home. Although we did manage to get to the PNE!!!

Phew feels good to be crossing stuff off of lists! 


Let's be Leading Moms

September 5, 2014

Hi Loves,

I am so excited to share with you this AWE inspiring event,  yes it is that GOOD!! 

For all the amazing Mamas out there, this is the event for you. What FABULOUS event you ask? Why it’s only Leading Moms: Inspirational talks by Extraordinary Moms. The talks will range from media and health to arts and business. Leading Moms will be a half-day event taking place at the Telus World of Science in Vancouver on September 26th. 

I had the opportunity to attend this incredible event last year thanks to my friend Bianca  of the blog "Bits of Bee" who invited me. I can't even begin to tell you how inspired and moved I felt listening to these amazing Mom's share their life stories.  Christine Magee of Sleep Country Canada and Kelsey Ramsden of Spark play really flipped the on switch for me. “Bing” a light went on in my head and I knew after listening to them, no matter what my dream was, I could obtain it. At the very least, it would be a ball trying.

Bianca and I at last years Leading Moms (I was 6 months preggo with Miss E)

Here is a little montage from last year's event.

Christine Magee talking about her daughter running up to her when she walks through the door resignates with me. It really isn't about ALL your accomplishments.
2014 Leading Moms Event will leave you ready to start living your BEST life.

This year’s event boasts a fantastic speaker line-up, including award-winning broadcaster, Tamara Taggart and Founder of Cause We Care, Andrea Thomas Hill. Check out all the inspiring ladies that will be speaking at Leading Moms.

Ticket holders can register for complimentary childcare, courtesy of Kids and Company. This alone should have you taking part in this event!!

A new addition to the event this year is the  Leading Mom Award which aims to acknowledge everyday moms who are making an impact locally, nationally, or globally. Grand prize is a weekend at premier resort, Painted Boat Resort Spa & Marina.
Oh and how could I forget this event is hosted by, Entrepreneur Mom Now and JellyBeen 
Early Bird Tickets are $45 and will be available until September 9th! (regular tix are $70) 
Please join me at Leading Moms,  you will be so happy that you did!
Also if you are like me and cannot wait until the 26th, Leading Moms is hosting a Twitter Party on September 9th at 8pm. I have included the deets below. 
You don't wanna miss out on this party!!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 26th

Happy Friday Loves!



August 28, 2014

Hello LOVES,

Are you loving Bella Lime's new design?!! It is gorgeous, right? The lovely Brittany Douglas is to thank for the beautified Bella Lime site!!

How perfect is it that today is my BIRTHDAY and I get to kick off Birthday Week by launching the new  Bella Lime!!

There are going to be exciting things coming your way Loves,  a giveaway, some lovely posts and quite possibly the Bella Lime Shoppe (finally). Thats right the long wait will be over.

I can't believe I am saying this but I am thrilled to be starting my 37th year.. If you are turning 37 is it your 37th year or 38th?? I am going with 37.

How is this Birthday Girl gonna spend her magical day? I am so glad you asked.

The day will begin with:

Hatha Yoga at Epic Yoga Studio  and a Coffee date with one of my Besties

A little trip to Sephora to pick up my Beauty Insider Birthday Gift.

This little treat every birthday is truly a highlight for me during birthday week. If you are not a  Beauty Insider card holder.. you really should become one                          

Lunch with my Loves

Oh to have an outside party like this! Pic. from 100 layer cake let

and then off to                                wait for it...........

 rides, mini doughnuts, as seen on tv, PNE Prize Home, more mini doughnuts, perogies, games

mmmmm mini Doughnuts

Happy Thursday Loves!!


Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really WANT?!

August 27, 2014

Hello Loves,

If you had all the money in the world, what would you want to do with your life?

Were you able to answer that question right away? Do you have a dream/goal that you are bursting at the seams to make happen?

Or are you like me, and when my super awesome friend Kelly of "Write Run Mum" asked me this at lunch the other day, I pretty much verbally exploded with 10 different answers:

  • I want to travel with the family and experience all the different lifestyles around this great planet of ours and document it. 
  • I want to wake up with a view of the ocean (it really doesn't matter which one)
  • I want to make something of "Bella Lime Blog" and "Bella Lime's Etsy Shoppe"
  • I want to start a ladies shopping swap and donate the admission fee to help others in need 
  • I want to join a philanthropist group who help women make their dreams come true
  • I want to open up a brick and mortar Bella Lime Shoppe in a beautiful heritage building (yes, it has to be a heritage building)
  • I want to design 1940/1950 style garments for women and girls (the most flattering eras in my opinion)
  • I want to design a line of cards (I really do have a good idea)
  • I think I want to be an event planner's assistant (yup, I would pay someone to let me help set up the decor for stunning events)

You get my drift. My answer went on and on, at one point Kelly said:

"You can do all of those things but try and focus on just one of these dreams and make it succeed." 

 The Fabulous K that made me focus and realize what I really want!

She is right! I am all over the map right now and am excited to succeed in so many things. But sometimes I overthink, get overwhelmed by all of my ideas, and then nothing happens. So I am going to dial it back and put all my effort into Bella Lime the Blog and Bella Lime the Shoppe right now.

 The great thing about this is, "I want to design 1940/1950 style garments and create a line of Cards" falls under this dream as well! WOO HOO! I love that I can focus on even more of my dreams.

In order to make these things happen, here is what I need to get done:

  • Start sharing on social media about Bella Lime Shoppe
  • Photograph and write blurbs for all items that are going to be listed in the Shoppe (this seems so daunting to me the perfectionist)
  • Sew fabulous garments to sell in the Shoppe
  • Set up a consistent look between the Blog, FB and Etsy
  • Blog about my creations (can you believe I still haven't done that?)
  • Get involved in Community events (this is where I could fit in my charity idea)
I believe that is a pretty good list to start with.

Thing is, I don't have all the money in the world, not even close. But that question that Kelly asked, made me think and ask myself:  'What DO I want to do with this life of mine?'

The best part is I will not need all the money in the world to make it happen but I may need a little. ..

Thankfully there are companies that want to give you a little or a lot in order to help you succeed with your dreams.
Kabbage IS one of those Companies!!

Kabbage  believes in the power of small business, making a difference, building 
a better solution and striving for excellence. They work hard to empower hundreds of thousands of 
businesses with the funds they need to grow!! 

Here is a little info about Kabbage from one of it's employees'

Kabbage provides working capital to online sellers to help their businesses grow, in the form of a cash advance. We currently support sellers on eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Shopify, and Etsy. You can sign up and create an account (It's free) and have cash in your Paypal account in less than 10 minutes, or you business checking account (via ACH) in 3-5 business days. 

Kabbage cash can be used for whatever you want/need to grow your business. We have seen people use it for purchasing inventory, advertising, hiring help, upgrading their equipment, and even using it to take a business class or attend a show. 

From what I have found Kabbage takes a look at your sales, treatment of customers, social media activity and shipping inventory to determine if they will lend and how much they will lend to a customer. It is not all about your credit score, thankfully! I will definitely be approaching Kabbage once Bella Lime Shoppe is up and running. You can learn more about applying for a SMALL Business Loan and this wonderful company by visiting Kabbage Your Small Business Loan Lender.

There are many finicial resources out there for entreprenuers to use. I will try and share others with you as I "FOCUS" on creating my Bella lime EMPIRE :)


Happy Hump Day Loves! Be sure to visit Bella Lime tomorrow.....


BED HEAD: Cure it or Own it?

August 23, 2014

Morning loves!

I have a confession to make now that I am a mom with 2 'lil babes- I have been finding it hard to take care of me.  I mean, I am suffering from seriously crazy bed head, make-up from the night before, and (I hate to admit it!), but my teeth may or may not be brushed. It is not pretty folks...

I don't know about you, but if I have a shower before bed, I have to make sure my hair is thoroughly dry- which is a pain! If not, I suffer the consequences of SEVERE bedhead, and I am not talking about the 'cute beachy look' of pretty misguided waves of hair.

Imagine more like: I've just stuck my finger in a socket!

So I texted my fabulous stylist Yuko and asked her "what is the best way for me to wake up with stylish no fuss hair...?"

I'm good with all the basics:
  • Wash hair
  • Towel dry so that is is a little bit damp 
  • Place in braids/or buns
  • Sleep
  • Wake up and take down hair 
  • Hair cascades down Potia de Rossi's in Ally Mcbeal (did I just date myself?)
but after talking to Yuko, I realized I was missing a very important step.

Once you towel dry, add a curl enhancing cream.  I had no idea about this,
(If you have fine hair, this cream might be a little too heavy for you.)

VOILA!!! Beachy no-fuss waves...

Beat the Bed Head: Step 2

Make sure to visit for more TIPS
Gonna try this one!

Beat the Bed Head: Step 3

Own the bed head... throw you hair into a pony and then wrap a pretty scarf around your head.

These Beautiful Scarfs are created by Leah Reena Goren

Or throw hair in a high pony, tease hair, wrap it around itself into a bun, and secure it with bobby pins. Finish by spraying with a strong hold hair spray.

Here is an awesome video tutorial by the lovely Anna from the Blog Tulip Louise

Tulip Louise Tutorial from Jade Howard on Vimeo.

I want to thank the awesome people from Casper who inspired this post when they asked me

 "How would you work your bed head?" 

I thought this is exactly what I need to research to make my daily routine run a little smoother.

 "Casper" is  the company that has Re-imagined The Mattress... I am being serious here folks.

Here are a few facts about Casper, but you really must check out their website for the full awesomeness of these mattresses!! CASPER WEBSITE

Casper Mattresses are vacuum packed for delivery, and inflate over 2 to 3 hours after being unpacked

  • Made by hand in the USA
  • Simplified supply chain, so you pay 1/3 of what you’d pay in stores
  • Premium Latex foam for cooling & bounce and Memory foam for supportive comfort
  • Woven side border imported from Belgium
  • Memory and base foam pouring, assembly, and final packaging at our eco-friendly plant near Atlanta Georgia
  • Resilient enough to compress-ship and fit through any door (open the box and release your Casper).
  • Free national UPS delivery to your door in 1-5 days
  • Free same-day NYC delivery within a 90 minute window of your choosing
  • 100 day trial period with simple and free return process including pickup from Casper
Pricing is simple: A Twin is $500, Full is $750, Queen is $850 and a King is $950.

I am excited for when Casper will be shipping up to their pretty Northern Sister!!

I hope you find these tips for combatting or embracing your Bed head useful!


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