February 7, 2011

Well we did it, it only took 7 months, a new paint job, new floors, endless floor plan changes to the 2nd bedroom and a lot of cleaning, but we finally sold our townhouse in Kitsilano.

It was a crazy Friday on January 28th we had 7 house showings and 2 competing offers by 8pm. Where was this 6 months ago?? It was so bizarre and nerve racking to have to choose between 2 groups of people.
Although this was exactly what we were dreaming for.

The couple that didn't get our place just had the realtor call us to see if the other deal had gone through. Sadly for them it has but we will let them know if anyone else wants to sell! Its nice to know that after all our hard work not one but 2 sets of people really wanted to live here!

I looked around the other day and got a little excited and a little sad. Sad because I am going to miss this place it was the home we started our family in and brought our lil man too. Excited because I am able to  decorate and create a whole new home for us!

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