December 20, 2010

It's Jameson's first Christmas!

In all the chaos of getting ready for Christmas we haven't had a chance to enjoy all the festivities our beautiful city has to offer. John and I really want to start a family tradition this year so in the next 5 days we will be searching for our annual Christmas Tradition.....

This is what we have come up with:

Festival of Lights at Van Dusen Garden 
Christmas Train at Stanley Park
Canyon Lights

After writing the above holiday events I realized what I really want our Christmas Tradition to be:

John and I to instill a tradition of giving in Jameson by having him take a toy down to the "Toys for Tots Drive", food down to the food bank or donating to the "Empty Stocking Fund" as well as our family event.
I think this will be the perfect tradition!

And of course one of our traditions will be eating yummy treats and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and watching A Christmas Story!!


Colour your Christmas!

December 12, 2010

We finally picked up our tree this weekend and due to showings it only has lights, but because of this slow start to decorating for the season I have been able to peruse through my many decorating magazines and catch up on all my HGTV pvr'ed decorating shows.

There are so many colour options for Christmas now besides the traditional red and green (which I still love)
Here are some other top colour to decide which one to choose.

Pretty in Pink - go and check out Eileen's tips for decorating at

Ice Blue and white

Crispy Green

Delicate White

TIFFANY BLUE (my fave)

Country Charm

 Happy decorating!!


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December 10, 2010

We are HOME!!!! Puerta Vallarta was amazing. Jameson loved meeting his great grandparents and became even more of a flirt. As worried as we were about flying with Jamie it turned out to be a breeze. He fell asleep upon take off and landing. When he was awake he just flirted with the people behind or across from us. 

We stayed at the Paradise Village Resort, which is located in Nuevo Vallarta right on the ocean. It was the perfect place to stay with Jamie. There were pools, the beach, a zoo and a kids zone...even pots in the room that he could play with. We were definitely able to keep him entertained. I must say vacations are going to be different from now on. No more laying around the pool with beverages and magazines... that has now been replaced with blow-up floatation devices, baby mum mums and sunblock.

Oh and I was able to get my Riviera luggage from NOOD. I am so glad that I did, instead of the basic 2 wheel roller board suitcase it has 4 swivel wheels- it was a dream to maneuver and such a pretty bag to roll around. Now I have to convince John to let me get the smaller version for weekend getaways..

Jameson's Great Grandparents. They are both in their 90's and have been married for more than 75 years!!!! Amazing...

Now to get everything back to normal...


Planes and Trips and Babies, OH MY!!!

November 28, 2010

So we are off to Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday!
We are taking Jamie to meet his Great Grandparents, so EXCITING!

 I have to admit I am a little scared about taking Jamie on his first flight.  John and I have been googling "babies on trips" like it is nobodies business, of course I am even more apprehensive after reading all of the articles. Oh you can definitely tell we are rookie parents. I am even thinking of taking his favorite pot and wooden spoon just to keep him occupied. :)

We are off to purchase luggage tomorrow I saw these on the nood website and fell in love, they also come in a beautiful blue!
I'm also jonesing for the TUK TUK LUG Carry all bag! View it at

Enough day dreaming!
Here is a website that was actually very helpful, it breaks your entire travelling day down


November 27, 2010

I am so excited to be starting this blog!

My name is Aubrey, I have been a wife for just over 2 years to my amazing husband John and for the last 8 months I have been learning how to be a MOM to my lil' man Jameson and will most likely still be learning 18 years from now. I have just started reading blogs mostly DIYs, design, art and mom stuff, I am becoming addicted.

Recently we have placed our townhouse on the market for sale in doing this I was able to finally put my passion for design to use, this time with my husbands blessings! Once I started designing I couldn't stop. John was seriously thinking of banning me from Craigslist and Etsy! I am soo in love with those sites. Oh the treasures you can find.

So I thought why not blog about all the things we have done and gone through to make our house sellable and how we will make our new house our home and survivng inbetween!!


Off to Grandma's House we go!!

I heart my Grandma's style! She is definitely a fashionista of  her time, not to mention her beautiful traditional design style.  I have always loved going to my Grandmas house, looking through her closet of beautiful stylish dresses that she designed and sewed. There is this pink coat that absolutely screams Coco Channel. (I am going  to take a picture of it next time I am there or possibly kidnap it and bring it home!)

 My Mom, Jameson (my lil' man)  and I packed up and headed out for the hour journey to Grandma's house.  Today I actually looked and my Grandma's house, took pictures and fell in love with it again but this time for its incredible decor. My Grandma is amazing for putting together vignettes (they are beautiful but VERY traditional). I took a few pictures for all to see, especially how she groups things so that they are shown off in the best possible way.


Stilll Waiting......

Well we hit day 100 on the market yesterday..... I wish we knew why our place wasn't selling we have at least 4 showings a week and the most negative feed back we have received is the 2nd bedroom is small. Well we can't change the size of the room but we definitely keep trying.

We had a celebrity come and view our home on Thursday Erin Karpluk from "Being Erica" I soo wanted to tell her that I love her and her show but I got nervous.

So we are off to Puerta Vallarta to visit John's abuelitos and introduce Jameson to his GREAT grandparents soo exciting!!

I have posted a view pics of our town home if anyone has any new ideas on how to show our home so it will sell I would be greatly appreciative


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