Tis The Season at Casa M

December 18, 2012

Hello Loves,

How is Christmas only a week away?? EEEEKKKKK Lots to do still but I wanted to share with all of you lovelies all the festiveness that is going on at Casa M!!!

This year I chose to "deck the halls" with a more natural look than I have in the past.

I added luscious pine boughs for their incredible smell and gorgeous green colour,  willow branches decorated with handmade decorations and my favourite accent to Christmas the PINE CONE (love these little guys for the character they bring)

I have also incorporated quite a few candles into our Christmas decor I feel that candle light always gives the most enchanting feeling at Christmas time.

May I introduce you to "Snowflake" the house elf

 I even managed to make a REAL Christmas wreath!!!!! Can you believe it? ....

I used a wire wreath form, pine branches and florist wire. Can you tell I am proud of it? I usually make a swag every year for the door but this year I thought I would give a wreath a shot.
TA DAAA here is my wreath!!!!

Lil man and I even managed to DIY some snow globes- you can learn how to make your own HERE

Here is a little treat I found on Pinterest.... Simply find a sweet vessel... possibly a bowl, flowerpot, teacup or vase fill it with sand or dirt and place a Pine-tree branch firmly inside. Finish off by adding a few ornaments . I also place some tealights around this ensemble and it looks lovely at night all light up!

And there you have it... The halls are all Decked out at Casa M!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2012


The Olde Farmhouse Christmas Market

November 19, 2012

Hellooo Loves,

Sorry for being M.I.A I have been a busy bee getting ready for ....wait for it..........
Bella Lime's first MARKET!

This weekend Bella Lime took part in the Olde Farmhouse Christmas Market.
We have been working hard the last few weeks on creating our aprons, cards, quilts and a few ornaments for the market and the feed back on our designs was awe-spiring :-).  not to brag but it is always nice to hear that people love your work!!

 Here are a few of the aprons that my Fabulous Mom and I designed

The market was amazing. All the vendors are so talented and super friendly not to mention  the wonderful market guests that we were able to chat with!

 I would love to show pictures of all the pretty things that were there but sadly on the first day I smashed the screen on my new iphone ....

 need I say more? :( but don;t worry lil I is getting fixed on Monday.

I did manage to get some pics of Bella Limes booth so here you go

checkout these elegant cards made by my mom 

I was also joined by the lovely and talented Anasabina from See-Creative in the Bella Lime booth 
Check out these swanky Cards she made


and these  TOO SWEET shirts that were created by her sister Anaolga

I want all of these designs for Jamie and I have requested grown up sizes so I can wear them too!!!!

We had such a fabulous time at The Olde Farmhouse Christmas Market 
A HUGE thank you to Leah and Barb for putting on such an amazing event and for letting Bella Lime take part it in!!!!

I  also wanted to give a little shout out to our neighbours at the Market... 

Claudine from Restory
Chandra from Bookas
If you love amazing and beautiful  creations than you MUST visit these lovely peeps websites!!!!
Happy Monday loves1



October 17, 2012

Happy WEDNESDAY Loves!!!
Remember the great to stripe or not to stripe debate post? You can read it HERE
Weeeelllll guess what???
 I chose "to stripe"and I am so happy I did. 

Here is a little recap I was hoping to paint our entry way wall with horizontal stripes. I was going for this look  .... something light and airy

if you remember but than some of my readers suggested that I keep the orange and add a cream/neutral stripe ..... and I have to say I agree....

Love love love that I kept the orange and added Benjamin Moore's "paper mache" as the alternating stripe.

This  wall now adds so much character and pop to an otherwise very neutral  downstairs. We now we have a little WOW factor. The actual stripping was pretty easy once I finally got down to business.

All you need is
two paint colours that you would like to use..(I know pretty obvious)
measuring tape to make sure the lines are even,
pencil to draw in the lines and to make sure the tape goes on straight,
eraser to erase the pencil lines
really really good painters tape (like that FROG tape) 

Don't go cheap on the painters tape!! You want to make sure that the tape seals nicely so that the paint won't run through and of course remember to use the same width of painters tape when prepping the walls... (I don't know what I was thinking) Yes I actually taped each side of the door frame with different sized painters tape!!!  Luckily I caught the mistake right away and only one line is a little off and yes one day I will fix the problem.

 We also revamped our entry way ... it used to look like this

and now it looks like this...

We brighten up the entry way by getting rid of the dark muddy paint colour and replaced it with Benjamin Moore's "Paper Mache" We also took out 3 rows of hooks, I felt 21 hooks was too many we now have 2 rows of hooks. Making our grand total of hooks 10.

So there you have it! Our latest re-design!!!

I hope you guys like what we have done with our little West Coast HOME. We are slowly working on making it OURS. 



October 2, 2012

Hello Loves,

Fall has arrived and I am loving that it is here!!! Now don't get me wrong we had a fabulous summer over here on the west coast but I am so excited for Fall!!!

Fall means enjoying beautiful walks through alll the pretty leaves, breathing in the crisp air with the sun shining above and a warm latte in my hand.

  So to celebrate Fall I decorated our front entry way.

I was able to do create this front entry display  for less than $25 DOLLARS,
 I hit up our local superstore and was able to find everything I needed from gorgeous fall mums, fancy grass and some fun little accents. You gotta love a one stop shop!

check out this super cute pumpkin I also found out SUPERSTORE it was a bargin at $3.50

what do you think?
Oh and by all means go ahead and gush over our new walkway, the hubby worked so hard on making it look FAB.
I am so proud of him!
How do you celebrate AUTUMN?

Backyard Sanctuary

September 19, 2012

Hello Loves,

Happy Wednesday!! Today I wanted to share with you my parents beautiful retreat home. We were over there visiting last weekend and I was in awe of their sanctuary backyard and also in wonder... wonder because I don't understand why we don't get over there more often. It was so RELAXING!

 They have created 9 separate spots throughout the yard where you can sit and enjoy their enchanted garden while sipping a bevie! My favorite part of the backyard besides my moms gorgeous gardens is their patio. One area is their outdoor living room. They have included an outdoor area rug and even a floor lamp decked out with beading but I love the patio off to the side of the house its like your own personal DANCE FLOOR or for some a dining area. But enough of my blab blab blabbing

Their outdoor living room. Love all the beautiful pots of flowers that surround the deck
See what I  mean DANCE FLOOR!! pretty gorg right?

picture it: you just woke up grabbed a snuggle blanket and a coffee and planted yourself HERE

lil man helping Nana in the greenhouse

the garden shed painted to match the house. Love the window boxes, the solid colour of impatients looks great

beautiful things await at the end of this path

lil man helping Nana

Gorgeous right? One day our backyard will be like that!
Thanks for stopping by!


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