A Better Me for 2012

January 19, 2012

How is everyone settling into 2012?
It has been a busy and crazy few weeks for Family M. To start the new year off we headed off to Puerta Vallarta with my parents in-law and one of my sis in-laws to visit the Abuelitos (grandparents).  It was an incredible trip. It was so nice being down there with Johnny's parents and sister as well.

But sadly we are back to reality and the SNOW!(which was really pretty to come home to but now I am over it)

I have had a chance to think about all the things I would like to be and do in 2012 and I thought I would share them with all of you. I feel that if I put them out into the universe then I will have to at least try to make them happen.

1) I would like to volunteer. I don't know for whom I would like to volunteer with but I feel I have extra time on Johnny's days off and I could use that time for good!


2) Learn how to cook proper family meals... I have like 4 basic meals that I make. It would be nice to at least have seven so I could plan a weekly menu :P

3) Make our house a home.... I need to make my designs a reality. The only room that is somewhat finished is Jamie`s.

4) Run a half marathon. I can`t believe I just typed that!!! I start my training this week with the Running Room...... cross your fingers it goes well.

5) Create more  family time. Remember when your cousin`s were your best friends. I only ever get to see mine at Christmas if that. We are all so busy.  This year I am going to start a family BBQ, so we can see each other at least twice a year.

6) Design/ Craft courses. This year I am going to learn more about what I love.

7) BLOG BLOG BLOG. I am going to set a goal of 100 posts this year. I love blogging and must make more time for it.

8) See my ladies at least twice a month!

9) Date night with the Hub's (I hope you are reading this baby) :)


10) Be the best MOM, Wife, Friend, Sister and Daughter I can be.

Well that should keep me busy for awhile! How about all of you, any big goals, hopes, dreams for 2012?


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