Making a Home

February 27, 2013

Happy Hump day Loves!!! 

So finally after 2 years of living in our home I am finally making our Master bedroom feel like a Master bedroom. WOO HOO

We were able to get a coat of paint on the walls "Decorator White" by Benjamin Moore... Which we fell in love with  because of this Photo

Veranda Magazine

Here is a little sneak peek at our room!

We still have to do another coat (you can still see the original colour coming through in some spots) But I am loving the look that is taking shape. This paint colour combined with muted tones is really calming- perfect for a master bedroom.

I  think I have the perfect floor plan after 3 failed attempts .. with the bed on the far wall and a dresser on each of the other walls.. I feel we our getting the most spacious layout... 

 Eventually I would like to have no dressers in the room I am really jonesing for the Ikea Pax wardrobe system with all its pretty organizing elements. 

That way I can have enough space for a dressing table and a sitting area!  what do you think?

So I probably should of moved out the clothes dumped on the chair and cleaned off the tall boy..... man I am still a rookie at this photo taking .... I promise to get better peeps! 

I  found these curtains at Home Sense although I am still not sure if they are the perfect ones.. lol no really I think the room is coming along nicely.

My absolute favourite piece is my night side table which is a little vintage desk I found at the Fabulous Aroka Vintage Boutique! I love that it adds a little character to the room....please disregard the piece of paper under one of the legs. Probably should have removed that too before I took the photo!

 Check out my little vignette... stylin' right? 
BTW Loving Lauren Conrad's books! Yup That's right reality star turned designer turned author! 
Seriously Lauren can do no wrong!

So That's pretty much it for the Master Bedroom right now.... Next up is searching for that perfect rug

Here are a few ideas



I can't tell if we should go for a pop of colour or go with a bold black and white print!   What do you think....colour or black and white? Also I am going to eventually attempt to make a headboard yup that's right  we are talking designing, using a jigsaw and upholstering a headboard....... but I am setting the deadline for completion for 2014!

 I have to make my goals attainable right??? So what do you think is the Master Bedroom looking like a MASTER bedroom???

And there you go, a little peek at what I have being busy working on!



February 18, 2013

Hi Loves,

I am having difficulties trying to come up with a post today so my husband suggested that I write about my life as a stay at home mom who's hubby works an intense 4 days on and then likes to be  lazy his  4 days off ...... but that will just  turn into a big nagging fest over here at CASA M so I am going to pass on that suggestion...... thanks for the help though baby!

I am in love with laundry rooms right now.... I don't know why but ever since this episode of Sarah 101

Sarah 101 episode 12 Fresh Laundry
I have been dreaming about the perfect laundry room... Storage, counter tops, ironing area, pretty light fixtures. Seriously my list goes on and on.

Sadly my laundry room is only 6x5 So I have to be CRAFTY with my space...

Here are some of my thoughts for the space

 This one is the closet to our laundry room layout and dimensions... I would love to have cabinetry above the washer and dryer.

I like that everything can be hidden behind the cupboard doors.... 
and then a few pretty things on the shelf.  
I love the BLING in  the light fixture because if anywhere needs some sparkle it is definitely the laundry room.

I am really digging the tile in this room, yet again some sparkle and the hanging bar is exactly what we need. ... I am working on taking care of my clothes FINALLY.. does that mean I am officially responsible??


CHECK OUT this fantabulous hanging rack.... GENIUS

That's the layout I am thinking about.. cabinetry above the machines with a shelf underneath and then some type of hanging rack. I think that covers all the necessities

OKAY so here is a photo of what our laundry room looked like last year


And here is the layout now..
  much better 
 I can even fold the clothes on top of the machines right now which is nice.

Don't pay any attention to the very stylish painters tape. I placed tape everywhere I wanted the hubs to place a shelf or a cabinet. I thought with the tape up the process would move along a little faster.....
ya not so much.

I am still undecided on what light fixture to place in here. I am thinking something vintage or redesigned. Also I would like it to hang it from the ceiling instead of a wall mount fixture.

For the pretty I am thinking -   a window treatment 
( this one I actually made but now I am thinking of going with  a different fabric) 

What do you think?

And lastly I need to decide on a fabulous tile or wallpaper- Something to liven the space up 
 It is so muddy looking right now, a look I really do not want to have in my laundry room. 
I still need to source all my options out but once I do I will be coming to all of you for help on the final decision.

Here is 1 more inspirational laundry room pic!!!

What do you think does the laundry room need a little sparkle??

Happy Monday Loves!



February 14, 2013


Wishing you all a lovely day filled with 

Here  are some pretty DIY's I was able to get done
Heart Garland- so sweet and so easy

Finally made this LOVE pillow..... I did manage to hot glue my fingers a few times but I think it was definitely worth it!

And you loves what are you up to this fine day???


A little Eye Candy

February 5, 2013

Happy Tuesday Loves

Soo Remember last week when I mentioned that I hosted and attended my first Stella & dot Trunk Show?? 
Well I fell so in LOVE with all the Stella & dot  pieces and my stylist Vanessa that I decided to become a stylist myself. 

I figure what a fabulous way to make a little moola that I can put towards my dream of owning a SHOPPE not to mention meet amazing women and help ladies finish their stylish looks by adding beautiful baubles!! 

I am so excited for this adventure! 
Here is a little peek at some of my absolute FAVORITE pieces from their 2013 Spring Line

From the Garden Party Line


Spring Awakening

 These pieces from the Wanderlust line
Fiona Bib 

Christina Link

Kimberley Drop

Mesa Necklace

Who am I kidding I am in love with the whole collection so here for your viewing is the launch video for Stella & dot's Spring 2013 Collection


If you don't know much about Stella & Dot here is a little run down

We get great joy out of designing irresistible jewelry. And yet, jewelry is just the tangible expression of something much greater we are creating. We have a vision of the world where STRONG WOMEN LIVE BOLD and joyful lives. They know what they want and they work for it. They inspire each other. Passion and joy are their best accessories.

If you are in the Coquitlam- Lower mainland area and would like to host a Stella & dot Trunk Show
I would love to be your stylist!! 
 You can email me at 
or check out my Stella & dot Stylist page at

Right now I am offering a little Hostess Special
If you book and host a show before March 30th I am offering a booking bonus of your choice of  one of the following baubles:

Soiree Studs - any colour,
Demi earrings- silver or gold,
Delphine stone studs- any colour
or one of the Friendship Bracelets: Courage, Love or Light
Soiree Studs
Delphine Stone Studs

Demi Earrings

LOVE- Friendship bracelet

Hope you enjoyed all the "EYE CANDY" 



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