Happy New Year!!

January 8, 2011

Can you believe it is 2011?
I am starting my 2011 with a plan, which begins with me attending a "Goal Setting Workshop". This is a one day all day workshop where the participants set their goals for the New Year and create a vision board supporting these goals. I am so excited to be attending this workshop. I can't even imagine what I am going to come up with, all I know is these "Vision Boards" better be huge because I have an obscene amount of goals to achieve this year.

By December 2011, I want to be looking at my board as a completed to do list

NOT MY BOARD (just an example)
The workshop in being lead and run by the fabulous Deb Chaney! Deb is a Contemporary Abstract Artist creating large abstract paintings on canvas and paper. Her work is exhibited in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Vancouver and collected throughout the world. She works from her studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Here is the link to Deb's website It  is definitely worth perusing, you get to read and learn about upcoming workshops and an amazing woman

What are you going to do with this fresh New Year?


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