Weekend Update

November 6, 2011

Hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy their weekend!
It was a busy one over here at CASA M. We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday night, the hubby was working so it was the lil' man of the house and I sharing the hosting duties. We had a great time

Sunday  started off with J and I making Grandma a birthday cake... we had the best time preparing everything and J loved cleaning the mixers.....sadly we didn't get to eat the cake with Grandma......... You see I should of checked with Great Grandma because she had everything already prepared as usual. All good though just means we have some YUMMY angel food cake for dessert everyday this week :)

 And then we had a great visit with Auntie Claire, she stopped by to see my mom before she and my step dad head off on their annual RV Trip down to Arizona.
 Then we were off to my Grandma's house for a BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

It was a wonderful weekend, There was even some bull whip practice taking place at my grandma' know like Indiana Jones style... That's how cool my Grandma is


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  1. It feels like I wasn't even there all weekend...even with the extra hour!

    You should be very proud that your husband can keep up with your busy life through your blog.



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