To Stripe or Not to Stripe

March 19, 2012

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and a shamrocky splendid St. Patty's Day!! We were able to celebrate St. Patty with some good friends and tasty treats.

DING DING lets get this St. Patty's Party going!!

Now that the weekend is over and the Hubby is heading back to work. I have a few project ideas I would like to make some decisions on and would love your help!!

First up is a little painting project I have been thinking about. I would like to paint our orange wall with stripes!

 Our sitting room is Benjamin Moore's "paper mache" and the hallway is a taupe..ish colour. So I was thinking of painting the "orange wall" with large horizontal stripes alternating with "paper mache" and unknown taupe colour (previous house owners left us a gallon of this colour)

I  am still not sure about painting over the orange feature wall.  This wall was one of the things we loved when we came to see the house but more and more I would really like to lighten the space up but keep it unique looking.
Something like the pic below and still have orange accents!

What do you think to stripe or not to stripe??

Thanks for stopping by I would love any feed back or recommendations anyone has to offer!




  1. I love your idea to stripe the wall... would keeping a thin stripe of orange in with the other two work, or is that overkill? I'm loving orange these days, and it's not one of those colours that I've always leaned toward, but I'm finding it so cheerful and friendly. Can't wait to see what you decide to do! :-)

    1. I like the idea of keeping a little bit of the orange... something to think about. Thanks so much for the suggestion Sheila! I am hoping to start this project soon and will keep you posted.

  2. I love the orange and it looks like it goes nicely with the flooring. Have you considered just doing the stripes with a glaze to add a little something to it?

    1. I thought about that but I really want to lighten the space up a bit more.... you will have to come over and we can debate. xoxo cous.

  3. Hmmmm... the orange wall is pretty great (this coming from someone who isn't a huge fan of orange!) I really like how it contrasts with the grey in the adjoining room, and the painting really stands out nicely against the orange (love it, and the painting in the grey room too). On the other hand, sometimes you just need to change things up, and stripes are fun. In the end, it's just one wall and you already have the paint, so I say go for the stripes :-)


    1. Thanks so much Kelly. :) Now I am not too sure about changing the wall colour considering all the lovely things you wrote! But you are right it is just one wall and it is always nice to change things up.



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