June 18, 2012

Happiness is…

  Loves it has been a tough week around Casa M…. well for me, and for Hubby having to put up with me. I was feeling so off and super GRUMPY!!! I just kept feeling like there was so much I wanted to get done around the house and ample projects I would like to be focusing on.  For instance blog posts, craigslist finds that I have planned a whole new life for but haven’t even started on. Although props to me I did manage to finish one of them (it only took a year….)

Here is a little sneak peek..... at my "Rock Star" rocking chair I finally completed

 and lastly but most importantly, my life’s purpose- I know just a small thing to focus on…. So in one of my grumpy fits I decided to take little man on a walk with me to get some treats, because a  treat always seem to help one get to their happy place. So off we went… It was so crazy to take ‘lil man by the hand and head out the door…. no stroller or anything.
Off we went. We walked up the street and down the path arriving at the “doughnut shop”.  So we sat and enjoyed our doughnuts and shared frozen lemonade. This was where poor “J” received his first “brain-freeze”. He was rubbing his forehead and eyes and saying “no mas mama, no mas” (side note my husband is half Mexican so Spanish is spoken quite frequently at home) I tried not to laugh at how cute he was for he clearly was not impressed with the lemonade. As we were sitting there I started to lighten up a little bit, I mean who wouldn’t with such a cute ‘lil date?

After our treat we started for home but not before we hit up the bookstore … I love books and so does ‘lil man. We headed over to the kid’s section where J picked out a train book he spotted right away. I too had a book I wanted to pick up.

 I had been hearing a lot about the book “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin and wanted to see if this book was a “project” I wanted to add to my list. Well let me tell you after reading page 1 in the store I was hooked!  It was like she was writing about me and how I would like to bring more happiness to my life and the ones I love. You see not to brag but I do have a pretty wonderful life and I definitely don’t feel the need to complain, but I do know that I could be doing more with the life that I have,  and as I have been reading on I have learned more and more about achieving greater happiness. I am only on chapter 2 but I am already feeling “HAPPY". I still have all my projects to complete but feel I have some clarity on everything….. Whatever that means  :P

You can check out Gretchen's blog The Happiness Project HERE

I begin this week feeling excited and inspired.  LOVES, I must say it is such a change from last week!

OH and a few side notes:

1)      The Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger event put on by Vancouver was fabulous, I was so proud of Miss B for being nominated for her blog “Bits of Bee”.  It was such an amazing opportunity to meet so many talented women.  Listening to the 3 key speakers speak about their blogs and describe all their different styles inspired me and what I want for Miss Bella lime!  I can’t wait to get started on all my new post ideas and a possibly a little face lift.

2)      I read this great link up post called “High 5 for Friday” on the blog   From My Grey Desk.  I thought what a great idea for helping me to achieve more happiness. Starting next Friday I will be linking up for some high fiving!!

 You should all head on over and check it out, and add a little high 5-ing to your week
Wishing everyone a Swell Monday!!!



  1. Love the "High 5 for Friday" idea...definitely going to do that with you. Always good to find ways to focus on the positives!

    1. Yay!! I am so glad yo will be joining in as well for High 5 Friday!!!



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