April 25, 2013


LACE ...

I am loving it right now and it is making a come back with a vengeance!! I remember when I was 5 and I was given a pair of beautiful delicate lace gloves...


LOVE at first sight! Yes I was THAT girl the super girly girl who wore dresses everyday and loved ribbons and lace... I still do!

So imagine my excitement this year as I am noticing that LACE it trending again and not in the super Madonna like a virgin way although ..... you have to admit that outfit totally rocked!!

The best part is if you are not the lace wearing girly girl you can incorporate it into your life through Art, jewellery, lighting, flooring, pretty prints on pillows there really are so many options!!!! Here are a few that I am loving right now..


This picture pretty much sums up all the lace gorgeousness in decor.... The artwork, pillows and even the pattern on the mugs.. which I am absolutely LOVING


 And look at this beautiful wallpaper from Thibaut wallpapers in
 Regency from the collection Damask volume 3


Check out these beautiful plates-
Actual pieces of lace are hand-pressed onto these dishes before firing, to create indented patterns. 

How FABULOUS is this pillow from the Etsy Shop "POP O' COLOUR"I am sad that it is sold out. The colour and design would be perfect in our sitting room 


 I would love to have this laser cut chair in my office it has that perfect feel of girly and modern.

The colours in this rug are sooo fresh, I think this would be perfect in someones sun room! Wish I had a sunroom

Now these little darlings from Ikea have been hacked left right and centre... into light fixtures, cake plates, organizers. I love how delicate they look, they add that perfect airy light touch to any decor.

Oh and lets not forgot Lace as an accessory

Check out these beautiful pieces from Stella and Dot- the Chantilly Cuff and earrings are actually designed from a vintage piece of lace that belonged to one of Stella & Dot's  head designer's Grandmother !

I really could go on and on about how you could add a little bit of LACE to Your LIFE, I am loving it all!! What about you how would you incorporate lace into your LIFE?


Oh and if you are loving the Chantilly Cuff and or Earrings you can purchase them here


  1. I am loving the lace trends right now. And I love the fact that it is showing up pretty much everywhere! I would love some lace-y accessories (gloves or a bag)

  2. I love the lace trend too. In fact, someone commented at work how I must love lace as I wear it on my clothes alot! I guess I gravitate towards it!



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