October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween Loves!!!

I have to say I am so excited for this Halloween, this is lil J's second Halloween Trick o Treating!!
We have been practicing his knock and execution of "TRICK or TREAT" He has it down to an art form now. :)

I really had big plans for his costume this year…. I  really, really wanted to be THAT mom - you know the one… THAT MOM  you envy because she is such a ROCKSTAR that makes the AWESOME homemade costumes…..

So a few months back when I was feeling super ambitious (it must of been the hormones) I promised lil J I would make this

Totally AWESOME, right? 
Click HERE to get the instructions on the How To

But I totally dropped the ball on that one….but there is still hope for me, I figure I have at least 7 more Halloweens to become "THAT MOM"

Since Monday I have made a new promise:  that I would make this costume for him …for next year, 
I should probably start now. ..

So instead of being the ever FABULOUS Super Hero BATMAN Lil J is going to venture out as 

 (thank you Aunty Kate and Uncle Alex for the best Christmas Gift)

He is still pretty cute as a Fire Chief!!

Wishing Everyone a Safe and SPOOKY Halloween and to "THOSE MOMS" I am in awe and look forward to joining your CLUB!!


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