May 12, 2014

Hello Loves,

I can't believe my last post was in March... I know I say this every time but time is flying by so fast for us this year.

I was really hoping to get back into blogging and when I say back into it I mean at least a post a month.. My goal was to have a journal of this year.. making sure to record all of  Casa M's experiences I mean seriously there is a whole other being in this household and she is PRETTY darn adorable but alas it is really hard to find time to just sit!!!

But I really want to sit and I want to redo Bella Lime's DO (layout). I am just feeling blah about posting the second I log on. I mean its  the colours or lack of, the post layout,  pretty much  EVERYTHING to do with the layout.

I also want to add a little pretty to my posts and the Bella Lime Shoppe to the blog as well. Soooo I am thinking about trying out another platform.... suggestions please!!!!

I do have a new tag line though.... I don't know if you all noticed ... ready for it??.... its genius..

Here Goes

Bella Lime: Living a BELLA life with a twist of LIME... (huh huh nudge nudge .. pretty awesome right?) and if you don't think so - don't tell me!! I am a little emotional lately. I am really wanting to create this new Bella Lime vision that is STUCK in my head and really needs to get out there to blog land.

This Picture from Pinterest (of course) is just one of the many photos that I have added to my Blog Layout Inspiration.

This Fabulousness was found at Saffron Avenue you Must CLICK HERE and check it out

It's like getting a new pretty note book ... once you have one you want to fill it because looking at it makes you happy... or is that just me? I need a new pretty Bella Lime so I will want to write on it...
And yes I would like a new note book too!

Now don't think this whole post is a total whine fest, I also wanted to share some pretty awesome posts I have seen around the Blog O Sphere

Check out the Deets HERE

This "Awesome" series by the super fabulous Allison of the blog "The Allison Show"
Gallery No. Eight's post about BLOGPODIUM... I really really really want to GO, I mean REALLY
This FABULOUSNESS of a couch (SO JEALOUS) in "The Yellow Brick Home"
Learned a lot about Camera lenses and Photography from THIS POST by Mandi Johnson for the blog A Beautiful Mess (excited me so much I signed up for a local photography class)
Oh and Miss E needs THESE by the Uber talented Carmen from Carmen West Creative

Thanks for hearing me out Loves!!!


PS: I hope everyone had a lovely Mothers Day weekend! Mine was filled with beautiful pieces of art and a scrump didily umptious  breakfast  made by Mr. M and then of course a rush to get ready for church and then a wonderful afternoon with family in the sunshine.

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