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September 15, 2014

Alright loves it is time to do the month in review. So let's see what I was able to cross off on my August list!

August Goals

  • read something fiction and nonfiction everyday  Read The Vintage dress and parts of Blog inc
  • spend time with HIM each day ( managed to do this for 2 weeks
  • get moving every week.  Run, Spin, Yoga and try this thing they call TRX woo hoo was able to get moving every week- still haven't tried TRX
  • have a pedicure. These tootsies are crying out for some attention  Pretty tootsies
  • bake an ombre cake... I really really want to try this 

  • organize playroom for E and J... once the last coat of creme fraiche goes up
  • Call Big Brothers Canada for a donation pickup
  • sort through closets for Big Brothers pickup
  • finish painting playroom- Yes, we still need to finishing painting the playroom.
  • recover outdoor furniture
  • hang chandelier/ redesign chandelier
  • add some foliage
  • paint the deck
  • hand rails for the stairs
  • clean up the bodega 
  • when bodega is cleaned up create an uber awesome office/craft room for BELLA LIME
Mr. M did a fabulous job putting in the handrails, don't you think? I was able to style the deck but sadly recovering the furniture wasn't in the budget this year. I shopped around  Casa M for accessories and decor that we were not using at the moment.  I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Check it out! We have HANDRAILS and they are lovely.
Lantern from the bookcase and jars from the buffet

pillows from the tv room and office come together nicely to create a stylish look

  • take pictures of pretties for Shoppe  Did this but didn't like any of them REDO
  • Send out Thank you cards for E's Baptism
  • Create the BL design Lino Print cards... Practice transferring the Lino Print
  • Launch Etsy shoppe
  • bunting and curtains for playroom
  • sew 10 pretty things
One of my Bella Lime Design Aprons

FUN in the SUN
  • take Lil J to a spray park/playground once a week
  • Hit up the Races
  • go to the beach and build a sandcastle with a moat 
  • have a tea party
  • experience an outdoor movie with the family
  • GLAMPING- we are not campers but feel lil J would love it and this Mama needs it to be a little glamorous 
I can't believe nothing on that FUN in the SUN list happened.. we were so busy with day camps and hanging out at home. Although we did manage to get to the PNE!!!

Phew feels good to be crossing stuff off of lists! 


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