Planes and Trips and Babies, OH MY!!!

November 28, 2010

So we are off to Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday!
We are taking Jamie to meet his Great Grandparents, so EXCITING!

 I have to admit I am a little scared about taking Jamie on his first flight.  John and I have been googling "babies on trips" like it is nobodies business, of course I am even more apprehensive after reading all of the articles. Oh you can definitely tell we are rookie parents. I am even thinking of taking his favorite pot and wooden spoon just to keep him occupied. :)

We are off to purchase luggage tomorrow I saw these on the nood website and fell in love, they also come in a beautiful blue!
I'm also jonesing for the TUK TUK LUG Carry all bag! View it at

Enough day dreaming!
Here is a website that was actually very helpful, it breaks your entire travelling day down

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