Off to Grandma's House we go!!

November 27, 2010

I heart my Grandma's style! She is definitely a fashionista of  her time, not to mention her beautiful traditional design style.  I have always loved going to my Grandmas house, looking through her closet of beautiful stylish dresses that she designed and sewed. There is this pink coat that absolutely screams Coco Channel. (I am going  to take a picture of it next time I am there or possibly kidnap it and bring it home!)

 My Mom, Jameson (my lil' man)  and I packed up and headed out for the hour journey to Grandma's house.  Today I actually looked and my Grandma's house, took pictures and fell in love with it again but this time for its incredible decor. My Grandma is amazing for putting together vignettes (they are beautiful but VERY traditional). I took a few pictures for all to see, especially how she groups things so that they are shown off in the best possible way.


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