The new Blue Hue - NAVY

March 15, 2011

I am loving Navy right now! Once upon a time I thought this colour was boring, dark and meant for  boy's rooms but I must confess you can decorate just about every room in your house with this colour the options are endless!

It has been featured in many a magazine lately and I am noticing it popping up in fashion as well. You could showcase it with crisp white accents or create a  room with impact by mixing it with pink, orange or RED!!

 So many options


photos via
Style at home
Mary Macdonald
hygenic hippie

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  1. I've started seeing a lot of black/dark grey walls too! There was one show with pretty much black walls, white trim and deep red curtains. It sounds kind of cheesy or tacky but it looked really good! They added a lot of architectural detail and the room looked really elegant in the end. I found the link... Manny & Silvia's living room episode:




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