New Digs in T - 39 Days!!

March 12, 2011

I thought I would post about our new purchase! I feel I am allowed to write about it now since I have been waiting since February 4th to let you all know!! We still have 34 more days until MOVING day but I just had to share the news. 

The whole experience was so crazy we sold our beloved townhouse on January 28th, (after 7 months on the market) closed on the 3rd of February and purchased the new place on Feb. 4th.

Our new place had only been on the market for 2 days when we saw it but we knew we had to have it and would do anything to make sure the open house on Feb 6th wouldn't happen because the house was too good!! So we put in our offer on the 4th, had the inspection on the 5th at 9am and removed subjects by 5pm that day!!!

The new pad is situated in Coquitlam (John and I are both from the North Shore and Coquitlam gives off the same community vibe and saves us some MOOLA)

Soo in the end it ended up being about the home instead of location location location! Who knew?

 I have a million and one ideas on decorating our new home  and the plan is to post about all the changes as they come about but for now I am just so excited about our SINGLE FAMILY DETACHED HOME!!

These pics are from the realtor site:
Family/Dining Room

Kitchen with window seat!!

TV room

Back yard
I can't wait!!

Happy Weekend!


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