Te Quiero Mi Amore

April 4, 2011

On April 5th 2008 I had the honour of marrying my Crazy, Grumpy, Make Me Laugh with just a look,
one of a kind Prince Charming!!!

I can't believe we are celebrating 3 years of MARRIAGE!
Only 37 more years to go and then we can re-evaluate.

On a much serious note as in the words of Tom Cruise "You complete me" Did that sound believable??
Baby thank you for letting me be me, for constantly being my cheerleader, for always listening to my 1001 ideas and actually commenting on them instead of the usual MMMMHMMM and for always, always picking up the slack and trekking on when I just want to give up and walk away!!!( I mean situations not my man) :o)

 I Love you through and through!!!


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