Dress me up Girly

April 3, 2011

So ever since we put our place on the market I have been creating a "Wish List" file and yesterday I brought it out to share with John to see if we were in agreement with the list.
As we were going through the pictures I noticed there were alot of "Dressing room/ Girly closet photos". I honestly didn't realize until yesterday that I really wanted my own girly space..... so I am hoping since John gets the loft as his office that I could possibly use the spare bedroom... (at least for awhile) as my own personal GIRLY Dressing room ... could you imagine??? 


I love how the colours of the clothes POP against the dark walls
SATC's Carrie's closet




Domino Magazine
I HEART HEART Kelly Wearstler and her Fabulous designs!
Kelly Wearstler
Stay turned .... for a Girly Dressing room update.....


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