From Lighting Up A Room To Making One Shine

October 20, 2011

Look at these beauties that I purchased from a second hand shop

 It was a sweet deal  for the pair of them and they will be a perfect fit for our family room
(which is a constant work in progress for me)

The only lighting we had in the family room was this lovely track lighting

So right now these lamps look like this in the room

Which is working for now but I would like to make these lamps POP!!!
I found some gorgeous shades on Etsy

and then I thought to myself " I can totally make my own shades...right??? I have some fabulous fabric by Dwell that would be perfect

Now I just need to decide which one to choose, all recommendations are welcome
 and then I was thinking of a sleeker shade style. Perhaps a longer cylinder with nice and simple lines. We will have to see what I can find.

I will keep you posted on their progress!!



  1. Nice! I have the EXACT same ceiling as you, with only two tiny spot lights (brass, ugh) to light the whole room. I totally get being excited about more light. ;)

  2. Terrific lights Aubrey :-) And I love your idea of going a little more cylindrical with the shade... the bases are tall and skinny... if you could find something that covered a little more of the base (sat lower) and also had a bit of height, they'd be great for your high-ceiling space without looking too tall and skinny :-) If you opted for one of your fabrics, I'm thinking the dots would work well with your space. It's a gorgeous print. Well... all 3 of them are!

    Crazy about your ceiling and woodsy window view!!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    Victoria, I totally agree the shades should be taller so the lamp bases don't get lost in the room.

    Rosas, I think we need to compare rooms and brain storm,

  4. Hey Aubrey!
    I second Victoria on the fabric. The dots would be a nice compliment for your living room. :)

  5. I think that you should go with the citrine fabric from Dwell. Isabella and Max's rooms has a tutorial on covering a lampshade with fabric!

  6. Thank You Barbara! I will go and check it out!! Now I just have to find the shades I want.



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