The Gift of Giving

December 15, 2011

Christmas really is about the GIFT of giving... today is the first day that I didn't feel stressed about what Christmas gifts to get for family and friends, all the family commitments we have to attend or about all the baking I should probably be doing instead of avoiding.

Nope today I felt happy and excited about Christmas and I think it is because I finally understand what it is about. Today I sat down and went through all the mail we get from the various charities asking for donations. I usually don't even look at them because we already have a few that we donate to monthly. But this year I made an effort to hold on to them in hopes of  setting new Christmas Traditions!

I am happy to say that I took the time and sat down on the computer and donated to each charity that send us a request and truly felt the GIFT of giving and it felt AMAZING, like I was actually doing something to help.

I would love for our family to start volunteering with some of these organizations but we will need to wait until Jameson is a little older.

Here are a few Charity's that are located in the lower mainland that could use some gifts of giving!!

Union Gospel Mission

United Way

Share Familly Services

Happy Gift Giving!!!


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