Weekend UPDATE

March 13, 2012

It was a busy weekend here at Casa M. We started to organize and clean up the backyard getting it ready for Spring!  (Hopefully it will be here sooner than later)
This meant cleaning out the gardenbeds and finally planning where the raised beds for the vegetable garden are going to go. Where are they going you might ask? Right where these rhododendrons are, in front of ....what I am going to call our "mini-carriage house". One day it will be actually as grand as I have named it.

So imagine 3 raised beds kind of like these......
Gorgeous, right?! Now I just have to convince the hubby he can make these....
I have faith in him :) !

I was so happy, I found Tulips starting to grow once we cleaned up the flower beds!!! I can't wait for them to start blooming. This is the garden I can see from the kitchen window but I think I am going to be adding a little more beauty to my view. Its a little bland right now.

The Greenhouse is located at the back of our yard behind the MINI carriage house.

mmm what else did we do? Oh yes, I fixed the back wall in my green house (2 holes had formed in the plastic and it had all torn).  But now it is all ready for seedlings and a little decor love... yes that's right I am going to decorate my greenhouse
aka LE Petite Jardin Suite !
There is going to be a pretty chair and a little coffee table so I can hangout in there and watch the magic happen, or just hide out from all the chaos of CASA M :)

I was also able to get a night out with my girlfriends which was much needed...a lot of girl time with some of my best friends and great food!

This Sunday, just like the last nine Sunday's, started off with a long distance run in preparation for my
half-marathon in May. Which, by the way, was the longest run to that I have ever run!!!
How far did I run you may ask?!
 14 KM BABY!!!! and I felt FABULOUS once I was back on my couch. Only 7.1KM more to add on. WOOT WOOT

What did you get up to this weekend?

Oh oh oh before I let you go check out this fantabulous piece of JEWELLERY 
we got  for the backyard.

I have been coveting a rain chain since last year before we even had a down spout to decorate!
I bet you are all DRIPPING with envy. pun most definitely intended.



  1. Wow, Aubrey! You did have a busy weekend. And here I was pretty excited about returning all my empties to the bottle depot! Lol! Love your rain chain, btw!

    1. Hey Sarah, good on you for returning your empties, ours are still piled on the back deck LOL. HOpe you are having a great week!

  2. Thank you for sharing a little piece of your paradise with us! It always feels so good to get things cleaned up after the winter - we are trying to get a little BBQ platform together, but do you think the weather will cooperate with us, even for just a day? It's been wind, rain, and more wind and rain!!! I LOVE your rain chain, and would love to have one myself. You might enjoy this read - I wrote an article on rain chains back in September before you and I had connected through DLBWest...
    Can't wait to see your pretty chair and table, too! And good for you on the half-marathon training. I am in awe :-)
    xo Sheila

    1. Thanks Sheila. Good luck with the BBQ platform, I hope the weather starts to co-operate.I am off to go and check out your post right now. Have a great weekend!

  3. We're got lots of backyard projects we need to get to over here too! Good luck with all of yours! :)



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