A Little Drap to FAB

August 2, 2012

I finished a little DIY today; I know I am in shock as well! And it ONLY took me 1 month. (Applause please).
I found a pair of lovely chairs on craigslist a few weeks ago for a deal.
They are not quite the “Chinoirserie” beauties I was coveting last week for the breakfast nook

 but there was definitely potential for FABULOUSNESS. Of course when I came home with them hubs just smiled and shook his head I could already hear the words…”what’s the plan for these ones?”  Luckily my hubs rocks and I got away with placing them on the back deck for the last 3 weeks without any complaints PHEW!!
So imagine my delight when my amazing boss had given me a few cans of chalk paint she had along with many other treasures from arOka that she doesn’t have room for in her East Coast bound suitcase (I am too sad to chat about this maybe next week) But on a high note I now had a plan for these chairs.

So I gathered my tools for this DIY

Sand paper- check
Chalk paint (old white)-check
Paint brush- check and double check
Staple gun- check
Fabric for seat cushions- check

 I used one of the amazing fabrics from Dwell Studio. Love their patterns

SO here in my little photo montage you will witness the AHH-MAZING transformation

 I don't know why I didn't take a photo of the chairs side by side. I loved the vintage rose fabric on the chairs when I got them I wish I could of salvaged it.... I may have enough to design a mini pillow.
 all prepped and ready for painting

 First coat..... I ended up having to do 4 coats to obtain the colour I wanted

 Sorry no pics of me staple gunning the seat cushion together... lets just say it took a staple gun and  a hammer but I am soooo happy with the result.
 I love how they look in the breakfast nook. It still amazes me how much a paint change can transform a room

BEFORE with old dark dinning chairs and ....TAA DAA

AFTER  a beautiful new space!!

I am so happy with the transformation of the chairs,  I still have to add wax to finish them off and screw down the seat cushions.  For the breakfast nook we still have to paint on the chalkboard/magnetic wall and repaint the rest of the kitchen and change out the track lighting but today's project was a great start!  How about you any pressing DIY projects? Would love to hear about them.



  1. It looks beautiful Miss Aubrey! I'm envious of your ability to tranform spaces ;)

  2. WOW Aubrey! I am impressed! I love the new look, and am amazing how you get stuff like this accomplished. I can barely get the flowers from the yard to a vase lol!

    1. I barely get 1 thing accompolished a year but I am working on that!! And remember you inspired me to get out and cut some flowers from the garden!

  3. Looks great Aubs! I have so many of those little projects in my head that I would like to do...I need more hours in the day!

    1. tell me about it! I am trying to at least get one project done a month....

  4. Gorgeous Aubrey! I have yet to try chalk paint. I have 4 Bentwood chairs I got on Craigslist for $5 each {they are knock-offs from Ikea} but I need to spray paint them!

    I LOVE the direction your kitchen and nook area is going to take!

    1. Thank you Barbara, it was fun working with the chalk paint, I usually spray paint. I can't wait to see what you do with your craigslist find, something amazing I am sure.

  5. Wow, is that ever gorgeous Aubrey...there's a little bit of jealousy going on over! I have never used Chalk Paint, and what wonders it can do! Beautiful fabric choice too:) The whole seating area just looks so fresh and inviting...bravo!!

    1. Thanks so much Shelley. I am still trying to perfect my technique with this paint and I am a little lazy to get to putting on the wax and finish them off. I am really loving the look of them though and how they add to the kitchen. XX



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