HIgh 5 For Friday's Numero Tres

July 27, 2012

Hello Loves
How has this week treated you? Its been a fun one around Casa M, lots of day trips and fun in the sun oh and also some GOOOD reading just got my hands on a copy of
 50 Shades Of Grey..... was up until 3AM last night......YUM
Anyhoo back to the task at hand  haha get it hand .. I know LAME

Here it is this week's 

High 5’s For Friday

 1. I received this lovely card in the mail from one of my BFF's. I believe everyone needs to get a pretty piece of mail once a week. It really does brighten the day

2. I organized and beautified my office... I love it there now but of course it is a dead spot for the wifi and I am downstairs at the kitchen table writing this post instead of in the loft sitting at my pretty desk... Don't worry hubby's on it and I should be up there by Monday. Oh and do you like my pretty shutter? It is perfect for organizing files and paper work (picked that lil gem up from work) 

3. Lil man and I had an awesome outing today, it involved an awesome craigslist find pick-up (for me), a sticker purchase (for him) and a little patio/beverage and treat time for both of us. Love these days

4. I seriously can't go a week without a High 5ing Thrift store find ... LOOK what I found a Vintage Joy of cooking cook book. Check out the inscription below... 1954!!!! I am so excited to try some recipes from it!!

5.. The awesome ladies from The Olde Farmhouse are hosting a CHRISTMAS Vintage Market!!! I am so excited and gave double high 5's when I found out this fabulous news. They hosted their first market in June and it was a HUGE success. Aroka Vintage was a part of it and that was when I met these amazing ladies. Leah and Barb are absolutely FABULOUS and the reason I am so pumped about this announcement..... is that I am going to APPLY to be a vendor!!!!!!! Fingers crossed I am going to send in my application on MONDAY. Make sure to check out The Olde FarmHouse Website and if you live or are in the Greater Vancouver area the weekend of November the 16 come check out this fabulous market!!  You can click right HERE

PHEW I just got butterflies again thinking about it ! And you, what are you High 5ing this week? I would love to here about it! Make sure to check out the fabulous blog From my Grey desk and all the High 5ing Bloggers!!

Have a FAB weekend!



  1. It's so nice to unexpectedly get a card from a friend! Beautiful flowers in the background too! Have a great weekend! xx Niki

    1. Thanks for stopping by Bella Lime Niki. I agree it is always nice to receive a pretty piece of mail! The flowers are actually from our garden. Have a lovely week end.

  2. That book is awesome! Super jealous!

    Did you know that you are a no reply blogger? :( More info on the Polish Swap can be found here>>

    1. I was so excited to find that book@
      Thank you for the info on the swap Rachel! Looking forward to checking it out and taking part.

  3. FOLLOWING!!!!!!! Yay for new blog friends!!!



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