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September 5, 2012

Hi Loves,

Hope everyone  had a fabulous long weekend and that it wasn't too hard to get out of bed yesterday morning.

 This weekend was a busy one at Casa M. Friday night we checked out the farmers market that's held near City Hall. It was our first time going and I have to say it was alot of fun. There was live music,yummy yummy food and even a craft area for the kids.

Birthday Week came to an end on Saturday night by having dinner and drinks with some girlfriends. 

I even put together "loot bags" for my dinner guests!!!

LOOT BAGS = newest addition to Birthday Week!!!
For the loot bags
I used a variety of super cute makeup bags as the catch all for the loot:
nail polish
super cute bangles,
a pen (everyone needs a pen)
and of course CANDY and CHOCOLATE
I created "Merci" tags with pre-cut tags I had purchased from a stationary store and stamped them with a crown stamp that I had on hand and used a fine black pen to write my sentiment. I poked a hole through the tags by using a push pin. I finished off the bags by attaching the tags with a pretty black ribbon!! 

I had so much fun putting these "loot bags" together  for my GF's. I am seriously who doesn't love giving their GF's gifts.

Birthday Dinner

Sunday was CRAFT day at Casa M . We had our super sweet nieces staying with us over night  and I have to admit I was a little nervous on how we were going to spend the next 30 hours entertaining a 13, 10  and 6 year old.( Remember I have a 2 year old boy that thinks a stick is the best thing in the world.) How did we do you ask well my youngest niece reminded me that I had promised to teach her how to make tissue paper balls. so out came the art supplies and away we all went

The tissue paper balls were followed by DIY tulle TU TU's.I have to say we had the most fun making these. THe girls looked too cute in their Tu Tu's and it was so great watching each of them create their own designs and patterns.

 After dinner we baked cupcakes and then decorated them with fluffy white icing and 5cent candies. The night was concluded with the watching of a ONE DIRECTION DVD (my heart still belongs to Joey Mac of NKOTB but those 1D guys are pretty cute) and some popcorn!!


How did you spend your long weekend?
Thanks so much for stopping by!


ps I just wanted to dedicate this post to our Snoop A Loop - we miss you!


  1. I love the DIY projects you did with your nieces, too cute! Dinner was wonderful and your loot bags were fabulous, thanks again!



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