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September 19, 2012

Hello Loves,

Happy Wednesday!! Today I wanted to share with you my parents beautiful retreat home. We were over there visiting last weekend and I was in awe of their sanctuary backyard and also in wonder... wonder because I don't understand why we don't get over there more often. It was so RELAXING!

 They have created 9 separate spots throughout the yard where you can sit and enjoy their enchanted garden while sipping a bevie! My favorite part of the backyard besides my moms gorgeous gardens is their patio. One area is their outdoor living room. They have included an outdoor area rug and even a floor lamp decked out with beading but I love the patio off to the side of the house its like your own personal DANCE FLOOR or for some a dining area. But enough of my blab blab blabbing

Their outdoor living room. Love all the beautiful pots of flowers that surround the deck
See what I  mean DANCE FLOOR!! pretty gorg right?

picture it: you just woke up grabbed a snuggle blanket and a coffee and planted yourself HERE

lil man helping Nana in the greenhouse

the garden shed painted to match the house. Love the window boxes, the solid colour of impatients looks great

beautiful things await at the end of this path

lil man helping Nana

Gorgeous right? One day our backyard will be like that!
Thanks for stopping by!

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